Saturday, November 29, 2014

Najib Reflections of incomplete nation-building vs UMNO Delegates Racist attacks

 Calling on election campaign, Najib Abdul Razak to keep his word,  But let us not get diverted to hypocrisy: let us keep our focus on the folly of constantly creating new rules that, even if desirable, cannot be implemented. A plethora of rules leads only to mass evasion, corruption and cynicism. Rules that people will not observe and the administration cannot implement simply criminalize the whole population that for every new law we should abolish 10 old ones. This admirable sentiment expressed a golden rule of good governance — create a minimum of sensible laws and enforce them fully. Don’t create a pleth ora of laws that overwhelm administrative capacity and remain unimplemented this principle is not being followed today
.For a party that believes the Sedition Act is so necessary to protect all of Malaysia’s communities, Umno has curiously let off two of its members who blatantly attacked the Chinese during its general assembly.In fact, in his closing speech, Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak had pledged that the Act would be enforced fairly and that no one would be allowed to hurt the feelings of other communities.he administration is unable to check murders, rapes, thefts, or criminalized politics and business. Judicial delays are endless.That must be set right before forcing new responsibilities on staff already collapsing under existing obligations.There’s an old British saying, do not bring the law into contempt: that erodes voluntary observance of rules, which is far more important for a healthy society than stern police enforcement. Any legislature that enacts new regulations must also provide additional staff and finances for implementation. If additional staff and finances are not available or affordable, it is usually better not to have the new rules at all. Unimplementable rules mean mass evasion, rewarding law-breakers over law-abiders.Najib must return to his election pledge. For every new rule, he must abolish 10 old ones, opening up administrative space. Good governance means fewer but critical rules, well enforced. After all these years of Malay empowerment programs and billions spent on it the Malay economy has still not developed, it means only one thing. There is no way to make the Malay economy successful. If there is a way, by now now it would have been implemented and the Malays would have succeeded.

Sixty seven years after independence, it is presumed that the-nation called  Malaysia should have by now become a nation-state. But the fact remains that things are far from hunky dory. The fissiparous tendencies fanned by the revisionist forces a la extremists, One of such disturbing developments is the alleged ‘racist behaviour among the UMNO  Delegates  against some of our fellow citizens. In the wake of back-to-back alleged racial attacks on non Malays is one of the top ten linguistically and culturally diverse countries. We have proudly cherished and celebrated our ‘unity in diversity’. Instead of the ‘melting pot model’ which tries to forcibly amalgamate and assimilate all cultures and sub-cultures into one overarching identity,  Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has reminded Umno delegates of Dr Mahathir Mohamad's defeat in the 1969 general election after declaring that he did not need Chinese votes. fire-breathing attacks on other races and religions

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