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Anwar's imprisonment the five judges and Shafee Haramjadah God’s chosen messenger for an independent judiciary?

The slap that shook the independent judiciary 
Judges are meant to serve the people, criticising judges is not a crime In a democracy the people are supreme and all authorities, whether Prime Minister or  Ministers,judges, legislators, bureaucrats, police, army and so on are servants of the people. Since the people are the masters and judges their servants, the people have a right to criticise judges just as a master has the right to criticise his servant.

The public has been urged not to make unfounded criticisms on the judiciary through the social media as this will undermine the administration, Chief Justice Arifin Zakaria said today. is incorrect, totally unacceptable in a democracy, and violates the freedom of speech guaranteed by Article Constitution of Malaysia
Anwar's imprisonment a aggravated pimping in Malaysian Judiaciary 
 John Malott's comment 'a damning indictment on the sad state' of the court.  is what is meant by an objective, factual and logical analysis of the facts of the case.
Astrologers remain in high demand no matter how often they are proved wrong. That’s true of the media too.  Those who failed to analyse or predict voter behaviour before  were holding forth the next day on the implications for future elections. widely seen as strong leaders who will end the old corrupt politics and deliver good governance. as alpha males who act swiftly and decisively (and so are also called authoritarian and dictatorial are crowd pleasers and charismatic spinners of dreams. But the media has highlighted their many differences much more than their similarities.Many analysts have tried to fit their election analyses into their old ideological frameworks. Some claim the poor have triumphed, But the media has highlighted their many differences much more than their similarities.It is a damning indictment on the sad state of the highest court in the land whose reputation, professionalism, competence and integrity has been compromised, so as to make it a laughing stock of the judicial world.It clearly reflects the sad state of affairs of this minority government clinging to power by orchestrating the false conviction of the leading opposition figure of the country.Najib"Can you name one foreign government, one international human rights organisation, one international newspaper, one foreign think-tank, or one overseas academician who agrees with the decision - and who concurs with your assertion that the verdict was the just conclusion of an independan independent judiciary?"  Najib confided that it was God who had ordained 
 the ugly corruption of  Attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail office
"What was the motive for closing two eyes on Altantuya's murderers?", "How did the government use a gambling kingpin to assist in securing the security of our country?", and "Why was a senior minister asking the Malays to boycott only Chinese traders?"no action taken  former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mahathir is doing a pretty good job on his own in keeping the pressure on 1Mlaysia Development Bhd (1MDB).

To the five judges,a sadomasochistic “romantic chew on the above statement, and isn't it a slap on your faces? drawing gobsmacked audiences, but the transcripts of the DSAI Judgement, perhaps, make for far more interesting reading.saw his political career crash spectacularly when he was accused of sexually assaulting 

It is time that the top court listened to the laments including judicial functionaries from abroad,Can you name one foreign government, one international human rights organisation, one international newspaper, one foreign think-tank, or one overseas academician who agrees with the decision - and who concurs with your assertion that the verdict was the just conclusion of an independan independent judiciary?" to spend most of their time deciding disputes on promotion of petty officials, the punishment for a bounced check and such other trivialities that should had never come up to the top court in the first place. And the consequence has been costly as many important legal issues on basic law remains unheard postponed one time after another on orders their master

Expression is an art and to do so freely is a fine art. Expressing oneself without inhibitions, without restraint, without fear, without favors is an endowment that not many are born with. When politicians like Swamy opine rather bravely on social platforms, they ruffle feathers and do send a few scurrying like headless chicken. It would be a blatant lie to state that nobody takes Anwar seriously, even if Mr. Tharoor likes to believe in it. At the same time, I am neither in a position nor do have the authority to validate and affirm some of Anwar Ibrahim has failed in his bid to expunge certain paragraphs in the majority 2004 judgment acquitting him of the first sodomy charge, for which he was sentenced to nine years' jail, but which also stated unequivocally that the incident had taken place.t takes a certain amount of audacity to say this. I did compliment him for the fearless manner in which he takes on people and yet did clarify that I would prefer waiting for ‘proof’ before reaching hasty conclusions Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (pic) said today that Pakatan Rakyat will raise issues of judicial misconduct at Parliament next week, following concerns over the impartiality of judges.
The opposition leader voiced his concerns over the conduct of former judges and a series of judgments that he claimed was contrary to the rule of law and principles.
"Pakatan Rakyat will have to make a forceful stand on the misconduct of the judiciary. We insist that Parliament be more assertive and do not use the standard line that there is a separation of powers," he said at a press conference at Parliament.Anwar's remarks came following the appointment of former Chief Justice Tun Abdul Hamid Mohamad as the chairman of National Unity Front, an organisation linked to Malay rights group Perkasa.
He also vowed to defend the rights of the Malays and Muslims “within the boundaries of law”.  shoots off his mouth in this fashion, seldom will we hear somebody higher up (in most countries unlike ours there is a talking Prime Minister) give a statement of admonishment. What is also preposterous on judges’s part is that they seriously believes that there is a section of the media that has been indulgent in an  ‘propaganda’? Shameful that the Government has reached levels where it cannot even take constructive criticism up to its chin. Frankly, the plethora of advertisements that are now suddenly springing up on every conceivable channel is ‘propaganda’. The Government’s draconian stance on social media is dangerous; it has absolutely failed to accept modern methodologies of practice and participation in democracy in the twenty first century. If there is one thing that ‘independent’ people sitting on both social media and electronic media platforms abhor, it is being dictated to and being threatened. It brings out an even firmer resolve of bringing about transparency. So in a way, Shinde has done the public a magnanimous favor by shooting off his mouth in a diabolical fashion..
The burden of independence OF Justice
The unfortunate truth is that there is reason for this cynicism. A lot of the opinions that abound in media, both mainstream and social, are rooted in  pre-fabricated positions that fly under the flag of one label or another. In addition, over the last few years it has become clear that very few of our certitudes about the independence ofjustice the allegedly independent institutions stand up to scrutiny.

A nation that cannot uphold its law cannot preserve its order.

It is odd that the government should have chosen law and order as its final alibi after some exhausting self-laceration in its search for a credible explanation for the escape of JUSTICE

Why do we say “law and order” rather than “order and law”? Simple. Law comes before order. Law defines the nature of order. Law is the difference between civilization and chaos. Law is evolutionary: the edicts of tribes, chiefs and dynasties lifted human societies from scattered peril to structured coexistence. The laws of democracy have vaulted us to the acme of social cohesion, for they eliminated arbitrary diktat and introduced collective will. The divine right of kings is dead; it has been reborn as the secular right of an elected Parliament.

A nation that cannot uphold its law cannot preserve its order. When Instuation smuggled  The Predators to safety, the authority of state abandoned the responsibility of state. Excuses, evasions and lies have shifted over 26 years; this central truth has not.

Promoting equality of unequally?

legal system,local or in international sphere the subjects of law are the persons, nationals and judicial, upon whom the law confers rights and impose duties .In international law these persons are normally states, but they are not so exclusively. States have been described by Weber as the human community that claim itself the monopoly of the legitimate use of physical violence within the territory with determined boundaries .However, the advisory opinion in the case concerning Reparation for the injuries suffered of the united nation ,the international court of justice rejected the view that the only states can be subjects of international law and affirmed that ―throughout its history ,the development of international law has been influenced by the requirements of international life and the progressive increase in the collective activities of states has already given a rise to instances of actions upon the international plane by certain entities which are not states.

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