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PM Najib illusion of Longevity ,UMNO lawyer Muhammad Shafee Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin are destroying UMNO

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hit out at Datuk Seri Najib Razak's administration today in his blog, criticising the way the government does business. – The Malaysian Insider graphic, February 10, 2015.

Mahathir said Najib’s sporadic leadership, UMNO seems to have lost all these attributes.

Many people both within Umno and of course those outside are simply fed up with Najib; he is getting on their nerves! when Dr. Mahathir explained why he decided to sack Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim amid huge public skepticism about the sodomy accusations, he claimed it was because Anwar would be a huge liability because he could be blackmailed.Mahathir 'reasoned' Anwar could not be the Prime Minister. Now Najib is in the same situation as Anwar then! And murder is much worse than sodomy! We shudder to think what Mahathir will do to Najib's political career if Najib refuses to back off.Keep our fingers crossed and pray, hopefully we will not be burdened by Najib and his 'Big Momma' anymore. We cannot accept Najib’s incompetency, nor Rosmah’s excesses. Really, Malaysians can live without them and their Sedition crackdowns. Longevity illusion of PM Najib, UMNO lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah and Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin are destroying UMNO

Khairy Jamaluddin, the UMNO Baru Youth Chief, is smarter than we credit him. The fiercely ambitious Oxford graduate is taking the initiative, showing UMNO Baru that he can lead.
Khairy Jamaluddin
Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is facing his worst nightmare. His spectre is a Malaysian in an Australian detention centre. Khairy needs to prove that he will be ‘prime minister material’ if the top post becomes vacant.
Khairy is showing signs of being bored with his day job as Youth and Sports Minister. After Malaysia’s dismal performance in the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games, Khairy’s focus should be on promoting and improving our performance in sport. He should engage more young Malaysians.
The Ambitious Shafee Abdullah
Proving that he has too much time on his hands, the Minister has instead organised a roadshow. His co-star is the lead prosecutor in the Sodomy 2 trial, Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.  They are trying to convince the public that opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s guilty verdict was a just one.
There is probably an ulterior motive to the roadshow. Shafee has his sights set on being the next Attorney-General, whilst Khairy is taking pole position in the race to be the Prime Minister.
To most UMNO Baru members, Khairy shows promise and this will probably upset Najib’s cousin Hishammuddin Hussein, whom many consider to be another potential Malaysian Prime Minister.
Hishammuddin’s credentials? He spoke English better than any of the government officials who gave press conferences for MH370. His popularity received a boost after photos of him were circulated, sitting in a cramped economy-class seat en route to a meeting in Australia.
Nevertheless, Khairy has other endearing qualities. He has political pedigree by virtue of his father-in-law, former PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Khairy’s English is heavily accented, unlike most of his peers. He was educated in Singapore (United  World College South East Asia) and England (Oxford), and spent his childhood globe-trotting as the son of a diplomat.
Appearance counts – Khairy wears bespoke suits, because he knows that to look good is half the battle, especially when impressing his design-conscious supporters. Most important of all, Khairy is a “real man”. The reservist in the Territorial Army  (above) underwent commando style training, and has obtained his parachute wings. When some tudung-clad Malay girls were hugged on stage by K-Pop performers, Khairy was dismissive and tweeted, “…I hope Malaysian girls return to tall, dark and handsome men and not pale, skinny and pretty men. Those are not real men.”
To his credit, Khairy did not ask the girls to be investigated, unlike some of his party members.
Has Khairy done enough?
At UMNO Baru’s last General Assembly in November, Khairy proved his racist credentials with his outburst against non-Malays, warning them not to question Malay rights. Despite his image of a tough guy, Khairy has a sensitive side to him. The traditional practice is for the UMNO Baru Youth leader to be given a ministerial role, but in 2009, Najib snubbed him. Dejected, Khairy hinted to reporters that he might go on study leave and not stand for election in GE13. Pigs can fly!
So, has Khairy – the Youth and Sports Minister – done enough to upgrade sporting facilities in schools, universities and public areas? How has he promoted a more healthy and productive lifestyle in our youth?
Has his ministry successfully discovered and nurtured young, sporting talents? Current stars like world squash champion Nicol David will eventually retire, and Lee Chong Wei is embroiled in alleged abuse of drugs. These – and other ageing stars – will soon have to be replaced. They do not have the qualities of Peter Pan, like some who are still members of ‘UMNO Baru Youth’ although middle-aged.
Does Khairy possess the political will to clean up doping and corruption in sports, especially in football? We need new faces and an injection of fresh, creative ideas to promote sports. Is Khairy afraid of getting rid of the deadwood amongst sports officials?
When will he persuade his party that racism in sports is bad? Before racism crept into the sports arena, there were sporting heroes from all the communities. Competition is healthy, and racism should also be avoided when selecting sporting officials.
Najib’s future is looking bleak and his problems are not caused only by his fiscal measures, his 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), the goods and services tax (GST), or the Sodomy II fallout.
Perhaps, this roadshow is to make Khairy stand out from the crowd and prove his worth. Both Najib and Khairy know that in the dog-eat-dog world of UMNO Baru, there are enemies around them and it is difficult to distinguish friend from foe. Najib is aware that his adversaries are circling him, like hyenas waiting for the kill. The stakes are high. No one can be trusted and people are watching their backs.
Is Khairy trying to justify Anwar’s conviction or is he trying to promote himself?
The Altantuya murder Najib, wife Rosmah Mansor and their confidant Razak Baginda are accused of being embroiled in along with the dubious Scorpene submarines purchase. Their former bodyguards Sirul and Azilah Hadri have been sentenced to hang for the Mongolian model's killing but the question remains - who instructed them to kill her?

What Najib has done or not done thus far has not only irked the 51.4% of the voters, but also Dr. Mahathir who has reminded Najib on so many occasions never improve himself, the government, the country and above all to  be controlled by his wife Rosmah Mansor

It is also an open secret that Rosmah has been enjoying herself playing the role of the so-called FLOM (First Lady of Malaysia) and there is no doubt - she is in control! Challenge at your peril, guys!

Dr. Mahathir now is confident that Najib is a huge liability for Umno and BN due his scandals, debacles and incompetency.
The 1MDB debacle is indeed a major issue but it is still manageable by Najib and his team as 1MDB have not gone bankrupt yet. So far Najib has managed to ‘gali lubang and tutup lubang’ (borrow more and pay the due loans or literally dig a hole to backfill another hole).
However, this is not the solution to the problematic 1MDB which was a failed venture in the first place and how many ‘lubang’ Najib can ‘gali’?
Still the 1MDB is not the final straw that broke the camel’s neck, Dr. Mahathir used this issue only as a tool to make a point and continue his attack towards Najib. The main reason that Najib has to go is the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu.
No matter how Najib has tried to manipulate, use the police, media, the courts, to insulate himself or to ensure that he is not connected to the murder he has not been able to really clear his name.
It has now come to a stage whereby the whole case will explode because it is not within Najib’s control anymore; Sirul is in Australia.

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