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Puad Zarkash is the UMNO gutter dog can he shine on?

Puad Zarkashi introspects seriously on his sabbatical, he will see his own irrelevance

Puad Zarkashi a is a reject journey of self-discovery is never-ending. While he keeps struggling to find his centre in politics, the party he represents continues to vanish Puad Zarkashi’s hand behind his party’s misfortunes.   fuck Puad Zakashit, your UMNO aura of invincibility is tarnished. UMNO CM rape one underage girl in Melaka and end up whistle blower have to be jailed. Its OK for UMNO to rape young girls and get Royal pardon but it is against the law when Saiful volunteer his anus to be invaded 
“In fact Prime Minister should support the application. It will get him good marks at home and abroad,” - “By virtue of Article 42 of the Federal Constitution, we hope that the Royal institution would in the name of justice based on all the facts grant an appeal,” Anwar’s daughter Nurul Nuha said in a statement, adding that the family would continue to pursue and exhaust all available legal means to free Anwar.
UMNO’s current state of limbo is unsustainable. Naib must anoint a successor  call for open elections in which the family does not take part

Puad and ruling party Umno, saying the party’s leaders were incapable of understanding the concept of pardon.
“Hard for Umno fellas to understand the concept of pardon. They are more in tune when putting shame on others,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to support the application for pardon filed by Anwar’s family, claiming it would help the government gain international favour.
He cited other cases in the past where similar pardons were granted, such as those of former Culture, Youth and Sports minister Datuk Mokhtar Hashim and former Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Harun Idris.
Mokhtar was given a death sentence after he was found guilty of shooting his political rival Datuk Mohd Taha Talib in 1982. The sentence was subsequently reduced to life imprisonment.
According to past reports, Harun was charged with corruption and sentenced to six years in jail in 1976

Khairy Jamaluddin Sodomy 2 Roadshow

Khairy Jamaluddin, the UMNO Baru Youth Chief, is smarter than we credit him. The fiercely ambitious Oxford graduate is taking the initiative, showing UMNO Baru that he can lead Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is facing his worst nightmare. His spectre is a Malaysian in an Australian detention centre. Khairy needs to prove that he will be ‘prime minister material’ if the top post becomes vacant., Khairy has other endearing qualities. He has political pedigree by virtue of his father-in-law, former PM Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. Khairy’s English is heavily accented, unlike most of his peers. He was educated in Singapore (United  World College South East Asia) and England (Oxford), and spent his childhood globe-trotting as the son of a diplomat.


Married but available

Ever so often I come across a man I bestow with the MBA tag. It’s not an academic credential; it’s just an abbreviation for Married But Available! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out when a man’s hitting on a woman. It’s flattering when the gentleman in question is a single male who is more interested in who you are than someone who is bombarding you with an “in your face” display of raging hormones, middle age crisis, and marital dissatisfaction. I’m a tough cookie who can masterfully handle the overtures of strangers, colleagues and acquaintances, and I can eyeball to eyeball, politely but firmly tell them there are boundaries that can never and should never be crossed. The problem is when it comes to telling off married friends or spouses of close friends. It’s such a tricky space! On instinct you want to match their gleaming ring finger with a visual of your middle finger, but realise it’s so easy to break bonds that are special, but with a little effort can actually not just strengthen it but possibly save relationships, so I just give them a tight hug. I tell them I feel so sorry they’re going through a bad space, remind them of all the crazy fun times they’ve had with their spouses, create a dream space of what they were as a couple, area as parents and what they will be like as happy, loving grandparents with loads of family love and support around them. I remind them that whilst I may be a genuine well wisher, there may be others that that might succumb or fall prey depending on the head space of the individual, but infidelity can only lead to unhappiness and I would certainly not want to be the architect of someone’s grief. Because I care!
Khairy Jamaluddin
, Khairy was dismissive and tweeted, “…I hope Malaysian girls return to tall, dark and handsome men and not pale, skinny and pretty men. Those are not real men. this roadshow is to make Khairy stand out from the crowd and prove his worth. Both Najib and Khairy know that in the dog-eat-dog world of UMNO Baru, there are enemies around them and it is difficult to distinguish friend from foe. Najib is aware that his adversaries are circling him, like hyenas waiting for the kill. The stakes are high. No one can be trusted and people are watching their backs.
Is Khairy trying to justify Anwar’s conviction or is he trying to promote himself?
here is probably an ulterior motive to the roadshow. Shafee has his sights set on being the next Attorney-General, whilst Khairy is taking pole position in the race to be the Prime Minister.
Puad Zarkash a good sex umno man like Muhammad Shafee Abdullah. and Khairy Jamaluddin
importance of good sex in a relationship. Whether it’s a one night stand, a fling, an affair, a relationship or a marriage it’s crucial that the sex be fantastic. The root of most issues in a relationship start with sexual dissatisfaction. Either the woman or the man are not willing to please each other to fulfillment or simply don’t know how. When either partner is dissatisfied sexually, it messes with their emotional, mental and physical self. In today’s era sex is not just about procreation, it’s about recreation, stress relief and relationship enhancing. The more fun you have exploring your sexuality the better your relationship will be. In India being a sexually desirous person carries an element of guilt with it. It almost infers that you’re wanton, without strong morals and if you claim the need for good sex in a relationship as crucial to the relationship you’re possibly even considered to have imbalanced priorities. The fact is good sex is a driving factor and if not in place it will tempt and drive you towards someone who will bring it into your life. You can certainly fight the urge and temptation and stay loyal and loving, but the fact is that it matters especially if you feel the need for it. The secret to the happiest relationships is a good sex life and it’s not just about the final act of intercourse. Hugs, long and deep kisses, cuddles, foreplay and playfulness all keep the sexual energy active and alive. Sex is as crucial to a relationship as love is. You should express both, your love and your sexual desire and make sure that your partner is satisfied emotionally and physically too. Experiment, research, surf the net and read up… if there is love, there is always the need for great sex to complete a great relationship.
Sexual abuse isn’t suffered at the hands of people you don’t know or don’t care to know. The most horrifying to me is child abuse because it’s not just a heinous crime but a loss of innocence, trust and childhood in many ways. Icons like Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, Cliff Richards, holy men in positions of power and many others have faced allegations of paedophilia. Statistics state than more than 80% of victims of sexual abuse know their abusers and in many cases are either family members or close family friends. In the West, people speak up openly against sexual abuse, but in India, it still carries stigma to even talk about it. It’s almost as if it’s the fault of the victim and makes a victim feel that their own image and reputation will be tarnished along with the perpetrator of such crimes. We need to stop feeling shameful at the mention of sex, sexual abuse or expression of sexuality. Sex is natural, sexual abuse is not. We must speak openly and speak up. We need to encourage our loved ones and our children to tell us if and when they are victims. Yes it’s appalling when people that we know, love and respect fall from grace, and much as we feel the need to brush it under the carpet praying that it was a “mistake” and will never happen again, or perhaps feel scared to make a family issue out of it the fact is that bad people are bad people and such acts must never go unpunished. You wouldn’t hesitate to take an uncle to court if he illegally grabbed your property. If you can fight it out for money, why can’t you fight for dignity? Let’s not allow warped people to warp our value systems. Shame is felt by those who commit crimes, not victims who bring things to justice.

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