Monday, November 30, 2015

Judicial piracy, an UMNO'S conspiracy

 PM have his one hand tied behind and our PM is a servant of many masters who are whimsical in their support. .Najib term in office began with loads of self-congratulation. Then eager eggheads sat down to set policy into language that could buy advocacy from media and support from the legislature. But if the process entered the third, or worse fourth, it was overtaken by uncertainty, spluttered and shuffled before the withdrawal symptoms arrived. his first great stride in a transformative journey towards Upholding Justice. Instead, its bulk was eaten away by the familiar demons of indifference and corruption.

‘Justice’ for  Anina is just political farce

It is odd that the government should have chosen law and order as its final alibi after some exhausting self-laceration in its search for a credible explanation for the escape of Najib with 2.6 billion in his personal .Cynicism is never irrational. The irrational, often wrong, sometimes right, are impelled by instinct, heart or even conscience. Cynics are morality-proof. They prefer data to truth.
When the glow disappears from bright sparks, even their ideas get dim. Whatever the disease, the medicine is the same. Law minister who plunges into every crisis with the dexterity of Don Quixote, is pushing the brilliant thought of a new law that will cure Judicial piracy of sleaze forever and ever. Excuse me: but is  Judge-fixing legal just now?How dysfunctional this system has become, and finds the courage to sweep below the carpet. The nerve points of the nation have shifted to the young. They do not want merely a different government; they want a new course that will take  Malaysia out of this jungle of greed in which governance has become synonymous with greed, and the street a playground for lechery. If nothing is done, their patience will turn into rage.
The centre of gravity in any democracy is best measured by the credibility of its Parliament, an institution there is position, represented by government. There is opposition. The space in between is occupied by debate. Socrates, famously, established democracy’s philosophical principles when he replaced competition with dialogue., under the elbow-jerk leadership of Najib, wants verdict now, trial later. If you insist on judgment without discussion, what is left to discuss? The mordant joke doing the rounds is that Tengku Adnan will do anything to Najib  UMNO proceedings are no longer a closed-door affair, reported and interpreted by a select few from print media. In the absence of explanation one can only surmise that  Tengku Adnan, on behalf of Prime Minister Najib  was trying to find wriggle room give their loyalty to the Sapuman.This is a political crime, all the more heinous for having been committed by Tengku Adnan and Ab Rauf 
 The morale of bureaucracy  We can't expect anything else from a weak Govt riddled with scams & scandals! It's timeNajib and his gang  resigns now, as each day brings more disrepute to them!

Judicial piracy, an UMNO'S conspiracy

Tengku Adnan challenge constitutionalism Anina in Wonderland UMNO politics ofTengku Adnan and Ab Rauf 
the court heard the application by Tengku Adnan and Ab Rauf to strike out the suit filed by Anina last Aug 28 to challenge her termination as an Umno member.
Langkawi Wanita Umno member Anina Saadudin's membership in the party was automatically nullified when she filed a suit against the party, the High Court was today told.when proof appeared in the public domain through NOT  a competent process.investigation before guilt was established before, through before investigation  Our citizens constitute the most stringent judiciary in history. If Malaysian democracy is safe, it is because of the vigilance of Anina, not the outbursts of politicians.

Lawyer Mohd Hafarizam Harun said Anina had breached the party's constitution, and as an Umno member, Anina was bound by the party's rules and regulations.
The morality play, “innocent”. Let us examine this proposition. Why did   if they were innocent? Why should anyone who is innocent be punished? That is utterly weak governance.

Ironically, Tengku Adnan did not see his Commitment to the Constitution  Sadly, though understandably, this is the leadership   did not see professes to offer to aspirational Malaysia, a leadership that bases its political arguments on outdated and long discarded colonial theories that were mainly meant to keep Malays and UMNO divided. But then the UMNO has always furthered its politics – post independence – based on divisiveness. consider changing its leader or try and educate the ones like Najib to a greater degree for the sake of a more genuine and balanced parliamentary approach. But perhaps that is too much to expect from a party which has, in any case, lost all ideological moorings and directions.
Anina was terminated from Umno after she filed the suit against Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak and Ab Rauf, among others, to reclaim a portion of the RM2.6 billion (US$650 million) donation that was allegedly deposited by the party president into his personal account in Singapore.
Lawyer Mohamed Haniff Khatri Abdulla, acting for Anina, argued that thefirst defendant (Tengku Adnan) had failed to follow procedures in the Umno constitution in relation to two letters to remove the plaintiff from Umno.He said the issuance of both letters, dated Sept 1 and 2, to the media and public by Tengku Adnan, without initially conducting personal service to the plaintiff, was defective and illegal.
Mohd Hafarizam fr argued that Anina could not use provisions in the federal constitution to challenge her sacking from endangered the ConstitutionReturning to our point on the Constitution debate, it is too much to expect UMNO to seriously participate in a debate that reiterates  UMNO’s commitment to the Constitution. 

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