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Has Obama concluded that Najib is dispensable?

Obama,I have heard from five people, both Malaysians and Americans and all in a position to know, that during his meeting with Najib Razak on Nov 20, US President Barack Obama called on the Malaysian prime minister to release former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim from prison.

The request reportedly was made on humanitarian grounds, because of Anwar’s deteriorating health. But the US government position that Anwar’s trial was flawed and politically-motivated, and that Anwar is a political prisoner, is a matter of record

Has Obama concluded that Najib is dispensable?

A truth nobody will ever admit why mahatir incarcerated Anwar Does justice matter after 11 years why lingamgate was buried?Anwar victim of prejudiced mindset Federal Court Classic decision  case of one law for Shafee Abdullah , another for the Anwar painful and sustained struggle for about 20 years or so. But if  he do not do this we will be cursed by our descendants for having betrayed the nation.Wake up, Malaysia’s Bourbons Muhammad Shafee Abdullah, 

The lead prosecutor in the trial, who counts the prime minister and the governing party as clients in his private practice, was also at Mr. Najib’s home when the accuser visited.

 Lawyer M. Visvanathan said the central issue in the case was why it took Saiful two days to lodge a report that he was sexually assaulted by Anwar.
He said the samples retrieved from Saiful was finally analysed by Dr Seah some 96 hours after the incident.
"The samples were not in sterile condition. It was taken from the anus which is rich in bacteria to break down organic matters like semen," said the lawyer, who had defended clients charged with sodomy and rape.
He described this piece of evidence in this case as "incredible and miraculous".
"I am no fan of Anwar but based on established legal principles and the evidence in this case, his legal team could convince the apex court to possibly get an acquittal.”
Visvanathan said the prosecution had to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt, a higher standard placed on them."On the other hand, the defence was only required to cast a doubt in the prosecution's case to earn an acquittal," he added.He said the apex court judges had to decide whether the trial judge was right in accepting the opinions of the foreign experts or the appellate court's reliance on the evidence of the chemists.
How a young guy can be forced into sodomy by an old man readmore
 At the High Court trial, the gel was produced and marked, says Gopal.
He says Saiful had testified that they did the act (sodomy) on the carpet and he applied the gel on his private part (anus).Gopal (right) shows a document not in the appeal records, and he says the 'keadaan barang kes' (list of items seized) does not included the KY jelly.This, he says, shows the inconsistency in Saiful's testimony."Exhibit was not in the list and it should be considered inadmissible and its weightage (in consideration) is challenged."
A lower court had sentenced Mr. Anwar to five years in prison on the charge last year, and the rejection on Tuesday of his final appeal by the Federal Court effectively removed him as the linchpin of a fractious but ascendant opposition less than two years after the government was nearly toppled in a general election.

“This, to me, is a fabrication coming from a political conspiracy to stop my career,” Mr. Anwar said in the courtroom here in the country’s administrative capital after the court upheld his conviction.

He defiantly addressed the judges from the dock, calling them “partners in crime” and said, “You chose to remain on the dark side.”
“I pledge that I will not be silent!” Mr. Anwar thundered. “I will fight for freedom and justice. And I will never surrender!”

The judgment appeared to be the endgame of a 17-year power struggle between Mr. Anwar, 67, and the party that had once groomed him to be the country’s next leader. Mr. Anwar’s prosecutions since being kicked out of the United Malays National Organization in 1998 have been repeatedly condemned by human rights groups and Western governments as setbacks for democracy. They have also left Malaysia deeply polarized.Anwar told that he and his family had prepared themselves mentally and physically for the possibility of a second jail termThis treason of the highest order an unforgiveable betrayal of trust voters reposed in themThis has been morally degrading and has turned politics predatorySHAFEE FRAMED AND FABRICATED THE SODOMY1AND 2 NOW WANTS BE SODOMISED A LIABILITY TO NAJIB

TIM LESTER: So was Anwar’s trial fair? The damage from the trial goes beyond perceptions about Government influence over the judiciary to the police force.TIM LESTER: So was Anwar’s trial fair?

Yes, says Shafee Abdullah. But even he admits Malaysians don’t see it that way.readmoreCan the federal court judges, Malaysian judiciary prove that it is independent and had integrity?.

So what do you think Attorney General  is  made of? The zeal to help, to uplift the judiciary, to learn governance if they haven’t, and proclaim publicly that it is not for the lust of power? No it is for self-serving goals, loyalties for sheer benefit, clubbing on to an ideology so as to move down the dissenters. Do we play for the game, or do we play rather aggressively for our own innings?  Both, you may say, but if it comes to elimination of one of the two, self-serving goals are preferred, perhaps wiser.Democracy, in its conceptual principles gives one the right to choose, but disturbingly from the lot that is already chosen. Can’t say that money, muscle and manipulation do not go in all that, and putting it bluntly, why should one who has all this not use it for his purpose? The answer is that he probably would, if he found someone more deserving. No harm at all in believing we all are immortals, because when the inevitable happened, no one came back to say, just to say that it was indeed not so.What comes around goes around Best option is for him is to resign or sue Mat Zain

AG without going through the normal n standard procedure and more so in haste

Is the whole country deaf and dumb ?

 the judicial system in Malaysia has collapsed, and is beyond redemption

it’s a tragic denunciation of the entire judicia land political system and the media. It’s all about sordid blackmail and extortion.The former prime minister said this in reference to Anwar Does justice matter after 11 years why lingamgate was buried?

Malaysian Bar president Steven Thiru says a professional relationship will be maintained with the current Attorney-General. – The Malaysian Insider filepic, November 16, 2015.
The Malaysian Bar today said it would maintain a professional relationship with the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to preserve and protect the rule of law and to uphold the supremacy of the Federal Constitution.

A-G Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi AlI indicating that the Bar Council was avoiding him after he took office.  can no longer-performance like his  predecessor.
We live in a far more nuanced and empathetic world than ever before. Our different levels of reactions great information asymmetry, we are at least made to confront more than the ‘standard narrative’ these days. It is good we knew —or were made to know later Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali should come clean on the real reason behind his appointment to replace Abdul Gani Patail as he knows that the decision was not made out of the blue
Apandi's actions so far, it is obvious to all that why he was chosen
The luckiest thing that happened to Prime Minister Najib been equally lucky in finding Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali  has metamorphosed into a first-rate hypocrite. the thin veil of protection draped around Najib given a virtual political asylum. Such thin prophylactic was never going to be sufficient protectiona gainst Malaysian outrage Corruption is a slippery slope for anyone in power  mislaid in that variable space between letter of the law and spirit of the relationship. 
Familiar turf? Corruption. Lies. Inept  Najib governance. Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali Damned if you do and damned if you don’"Since it was Najib who created 1MDB, borrowed RM42 billion and invested the money and lost it, Najib should also be charged with sabotage," Mahathir wrote in his blog.
This is a crucial jurisprudential question which needs to be considered
 Najib is a continuous process that unravels itself layer by layer. the Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali can reach decisions based on his perspectives and compulsions, but conclusions are based on hard facts and empirical evidence.unable to present a logical set of reasoning and evidence Problem is that Apandi Ali  searching for conclusions, so that he can shut the lid on 1MDB 

A nation that cannot uphold its law cannot preserve its order. When Najib was smuggled out to safety, the authority of Mohamed Apandi Ali  abandoned the responsibility of.Attorney-general office Excuses, evasions and lies have shifted over 26 years; this central truth has not.Unsurprisingly, Anderson sneered at the establishment that knelt before him; contempt is the umbilical chord of the colonial, or neo-colonial, relationship. The crux Najib could not care a damn about those funny-looking Former attorney-general Abdul Gani Patail or the present Attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali 
 what was a rotten piece of paper the charge sheet against the Prime Minister Najib was on the verge of being charge for allegedly misappropriating RM42 million belonging to SRC International when then Attorney General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, was abruptly relieved of his job on July 27the Attorney-General's Chambers refusal to prosecute 1MDB for providing inaccurate information and failing to give full disclosure when it sought approval from Bank Negara for overseas investment.

 confused by the Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali's statement that Khairuddin and Chang are charged with sabotage of the nation’s banking and financial system.Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali get to the real story Thanks to the paradox of politics, I may be sticking my neck out saying this because there’s nothing certain in politics and impossible things invariably happen just to prove to us currently, with so much scepticism over the integrity of Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali hidden hands appointed Apandi to be a running dog with a specific mission. Of course everyone already knows that. Apandi must be highly rewarded for him to be thick-skinned enough to take this job that has caused his face to go blue black. UMNO has a big pool of such scums who are willing to bare their all, for money

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