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The inspiring story of the Attorney-General Office past and present

Measure for measure, it’s all in Rosmah's bag

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What does Rosmah the most single-minded politician Najib's 2nd wife, keep in that ubiquitous handbag perched permanently by her side?
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 Then the Singapore bank denied that the cash was in its bank (in .....Prince Hamlet of UMNO Measure for measureit's all in Rosmah's bag.themalaybusinesstribune: June 2015


the Attorney-General Office rout: Why the worst is yet to come

 the spectacular successes of the first episode where Abdul Gani Patail  single-handedly“fixed Anwar”and destroyed him .Mahathir prosecuted Anwar with Sodomy I; Najib lacks imagination and continues the trend, with Sodomy II.“Given this, it is remarkable that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been
Malaysian Bar President Christopher Leongprosecuted and convicted twice for an alleged offence of sexual acts between adults wherein the charge does not contain elements of coercion. It is a strange world that we live in. These glaring anomalies fuel a perception that Anwar has been persecuted, and not prosecuted,” the Federal Court’s verdict. They said that Anwar’s case raises questions about the independence and fairness of Malaysia’s Judiciary, and the country’s Rule of Law Leong said in a statement in capital Kuala Lumpur reads this

Anwar Ibrahim was persecuted, not prosecuted, says Malaysian Bar Council President

Federal Court Judges
The Judges at the Federal Court cannot subject themselves to any kind of pressure fromNajib in power, human rights groups and governments across the world and the court of Malaysian public opinion. It must look at the evidence and deliver its judgement accordingly
Given the verdict delay, Malaysia’s political tea-leaf readers are trying to figure out what has been going on. It is widely assumed that the top court will take its cues from the leadership of the United Malays National Organization and Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak. It had been assumed that UMNO wanted Anwar jailed to eliminate a dangerous political rival. That may not be true any longer, given the complex political drama being played out within UMNO.
muhammad-shafee-abdullahShrugging off calls by UMNO lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah to charge her with contempt of court for criticising the Judiciary, activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said he should instead reflect if his statements against Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have undermined the court system.
“I am not intimidated in the slightest by the call by Tan Sri Shafee for the A-G to charge me for contempt. I have no problems facing it if indeed it comes to pass that I am charged. Let the truth emerge,” she said in a statement to The Malaysian Insider today.
Shafee, who prosecuted for the government in Anwar’s sodomy appeal, was reported by Utusan Malaysia’s weekend edition as saying that Ambiga was wrong in saying that the Barisan Nasional (BN) had made a “terrible mistake” by jailing Anwar.
Such a statement had insulted the courts by implying that the Judiciary and BN, the coalition which is in federal power, were the same, Shafee told Mingguan Malaysia today.
“I suggest that the Attorney-General take action,” he was quoted as saying today.When such a remark is made, should we not answer? If we don’t answer, the people will believe it,” he told the UMNO-owned Malay daily.
ambiga-sreenevasanAmbiga critcises UMNO Shafee Abdullah
Ambiga had on Friday criticised Shafee for continuing to attack Anwar even after the case had been settled with the Federal Court’s verdict on February 10. The Apex Court upheld his sodomy conviction and five-year jail sentence read this last Shafee Abdullah agreed and said 

 The deportation of an Al Jazeera journalist in the midst of investigative work on the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu raises questions as to why the case is so sensitive for Malaysian authorities, 

Altantuya’s Murder resurfaces–East Asia journalist, Mary Ann Jolley deported

The deportation of an Al Jazeera journalist in the midst of investigative work on the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu raises questions as to why the case is so sensitive for Malaysian authorities,
Just when you think that things wouldn’t get any worse, it does, and the second episode Attorney-General, Mohamad Apandi almost victorious; the UMNO empire has struck back.
 Mohamad Apandi Ali, a former United Malays National Organization state treasurer before being elevated to public prosecutor and then the judicial bench, was hurriedly drafted to replace the long-serving  Abdul Gani Patail in August just as Gani Patail reportedly was about to file charges against Najib for corruption. Apandi immediately denied that Kevin Morais was working on the case when he was abducted and murdered.The Attorney-General office,For months, Malaysian law enforcement has been wracked with attempts on the part of the Najib government to quell investigations into hundreds of millions of dollars that ended up in the prime minister’s personal account, then disappeared again, and by massive mismanagement of the troubled 1Malaysia Development Bhd. state-backed investment firm.  Najib has sacked a string of top officials including his own Deputy Prime Minister, Muhyiddin Yassin, and Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail. Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officials have been subjected to what has been called a scorched-earth campaign to discover who, if any of them, has been leaking information on the case.
Richard Morais figured in the 2013 murder of the late Arab Malaysian Bank founder Hussain Najadi.  The bank is now known as AmBank. Najadi’s son, Pascal, has repeatedly charged that his father was assassinated because he had information on corruption within UMNO.  Richard Morais was present at the temple where Najadi had gone ostensibly to attempt to resolve a property dispute
Attorney-General’s Office attempted to bulldoze family into dropping demand for independent autopsy However, against the wishes of most of the family or their knowledge, the body of Kevin Morais was whisked away and burned without an independent post-mortem fromhttp://www.asiasentinel.com/politics/more-mystery-malaysia-prosecutors-murder/

Rosmah and Najib now
‘Damage has already been done to his almost non-existent reputation.’
under the scrutiny of American investigators a parade of inquiries at home and abroad into a sovereign wealth fund that he oversees,The inquiry, being run by a unit of the Justice Department that investigates international corruption, is focused on properties in the United States that were purchased in recent years by shell companies that belong to the prime minister’s stepson as well as other real estate connected to a close family friend A federal grand jury is examining allegations of corruption involving the Prime Minister, Najib Razak, and people close to him, 
One evening in April 1775, the English man of letters Samuel Johnson made a famous remark.”Patriotism,” he said, “is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”Johnson was criticising what he called false patriots – people who invoke the name of their country to advance their own political agenda.In America, we often refer to that kind of scoundrel as “people who wrap themselves in the flag.” It means people who pretend to do something for patriotic reasons or out of loyalty to their country when their real motives are selfish, and their real goal is their own personal and political gain.It means people who “play the patriot card” and try to diminish their opponents by suggesting they do not love their country, or are even traitors to it.Malaysians are no longer going to keep quiet. Even our Rulers who have spoken up.The Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) student asked how much more could Malaysians take in
A-G abuse of power should give reasons to withdrew the charges resulting in acquittal is not immune from legal scrutiny
our administration of, our criminal justice system consists “of four separate, but essential, machinations.” They are the Police or other investigative authorities, prosecution, defence and the Courts. The Police investigates. The prosecution decides whether or not to prosecute and if so, it proffers the charge and prosecute. The lawyers defend the accused. The Courts  adjudicate.”

Slain Malaysian Prosecutor Tied to Najib Probe

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