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Uphold justice Can Najib and his sidekicks understand and do as your highness?

People determine the state of nation not Najib and his sidekicks the real cost of a bribe

Prime Minister Winston Churchill, for example, in his nation’s darkest hour, inspired his countrymen to stand firm against Nazi tyranny despite the odds. Mahatma Gandhi summoned his nation to the great ideals of tolerance and respect for diversity and human dignity. President John F. Kennedy appealed, in his inaugural address, for sacrifice and commitment to make America that shining light upon a hill, an inspiration to the world. Nelson Mandela urged a nation divided by decades of apartheid to reconcile, to build a new nation based on justice and inclusiveness.

The structure of government does not change, whether it is brilliant or awful. A prime minister presides. A Cabinet sits in attendance. But government collapses when common purpose is lost, when every minister becomes his own master and the prime minister turns into a helpless spectator. Government degenerates into a circus without a programme; acrobats become indistinguishable from clowns. The next prime minister must be able to exercise something more vital than the tenuous authority of an office no one takes seriously .UMNO has had a resigned air without anyone actually having resigned.

this question is intriguing.

If an apology could change the past, it might mean something. If it could rescue the future, even more so. But no apology arrives until the mind has already changed, making it a historical tautology Najib constipation, but who cares?thisquestion is intriguing.

The political feuding over the state inves tment firm 1Malaysia Development Berhad  Bad governance is primarily the sacrifice of national interest for partisan gain.  This can operate as straight corruption, as in the spectrum fire-sale strategic power assets to Chinese firm. Or it can maim policy, as in the Prime Minister’s decision to 

 Can Najib  and his sidekicks truely understand and do as your highness?

No perfect fit, but one choice

It is easy to remember good government , even if we tend to take it for granted when we get it. It works. Rotten governance is more complicated, for its consequences are more evident than its causes.
What do  the citizens want? They want to be respected and they do not want Najib and his sidekicks to think we are stupid like them The original sin of bad government is arrogance , with complacency as a silent partner. When clever people come to power they often make a simple mistake. They think the rest of us are fools.
The sultan said about the principles of a sovereign and democratic nation and the seeking of the welfare and happiness of the people.
"In my estimation, he perfectly summed up the natural consequences of our actions when we, the Keepers of Trust, uphold justice in all aspects of our lives, including the way we run our nation," His Highness said.
the threat of being victimised should not be reason fo Attorney-general Mohamad Apandi Ali  to refuse to assert their independence

The Attorney-General must bear in mind that he is not immune from legal scrutiny. In the celebrated case of Rosli Dahlan v The Attorney-General and 11 Others, Justice Vazeer Alam bravely and correctly states:
“I am afraid that the notion of absolute immunity for a civil servant even when mala fide or abuse of power in the exercise of their prosecutorial power is alleged in the pleading is anathema to the modern day notions of accountability.
…..This is in keeping with developments in modern jurisprudence that absolute immunity for public servants has no place in a progressive democratic society.”(emphasis added).
 As an AG should be held responsible  then who?
Attorney-general Mohamad Apandi Ali has dismissed MCA's allegation that he should be held responsible for the action of Mohamad Ali Baharom who organised a protest in Kota Raya .but Judiciary should be courageous and assert its independences.
‘The main task of the new AG is to stymie the investigationsrecent appointment and the fact that he is positioned to give a righteous decision on a crucial national issue regarding allegations of abuse of executive powers, it is a wait-and-see as to how he conducts himself.Some have hope that he will ultimately uphold national interest as per the law of the land.There is little doubt that many would agree that there is some serious anomaly regarding the role of advisor on legal matters to the government and prosecutor of the same government on infringement of laws in circumstances when the government becomes "too" powerful.
Every good drama needs a few sub-plots whirling through the mainframe. The most captivating within our current political theatre is surely the joust  Mohamad Apandi Ali that  has begun with Najib. On surface level, it is not much more than a claim for primacy between a politician who inherited political baggage, English and Harvard as a birthright, and the outsider who learnt life’s lessons in UMNO But no story-within-a-story is worth the price of admission if it is limited to the obvious.ALSO READ THIS AG Apandi Ali willing to go an extra the for packs of lies

Most people believe that those arrested are scapegoats.Governments were forced to submit. Excuses disappeared. Laws changed.Najib government that shrugs off  is raping the nation.Power is the glue of politics. That is why a government is expected to be in array and opposition generally in disarray. Ideology is a fickle custodian of unity in an age of convenience. are held together by individual or sectarian self-interest, which is why they last. Ideology is a differentiator; it makes a partnership untenable even if the partners consider it sustainable. Sentiment is irrelevant to any political marriage.  This is true of all democracies where coalitions become necessary.  Politicians live for power; why would they invite a premature death? politics, reduced to minimalist, notional ideology, devoid of individual or party accountability, is peculiarly suited to Najib.  If there were accountability

Politicians have a sharper eye than they are given credit for, but they can miss the obvious. A tectonic shift is taking place in the structure of party politics. After a long and dominant reign, the high command is dead. It has become a dinosaur, a museum piece whose skeletal jaw hints at the massive bite it once possessed. Najib the last inheritors of a concept that has exhausted its moment in history. After them, there will be command, but it will not be very high. 
IGP should give the appearance that 'I am the IGP, I am neutral and I am the custodian of public conscience',"
IGP should be more professional need to be a Professional to act like one.

Why blowing things out of proportion won’t help

The script here also looks like 
Going with the police version that, motives still remain murky. Many of the main characters involved appear to be letting on less than they know — although it doesn’t necessarily follow that they were participants in the crime. Looks like a perfect Agatha Christie setpiece. As more revelations emerge and the case takes bizarre turns we are asked to exercise, like Hercule Poirot, “those little grey cells” in an attempt to enter the dark recesses of the human soul
a more immediate threat may be brewing right under our noses – the impending advent of weaponised artificial intelligence or real-life Terminator machine called  Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar Inspector-General of Police should be made not only truly independent of the ruling party but also should be seen by the people to be independent. But ruling parties remember this only while they sit in the opposition and discover that the boot is on the other foot.

Disqualified bycommon law system   the part of English law that is derived from custom and judicial precedent rather than statutes. . Is your job in jeopardyInspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar ? READ THE FULL ARTICLEThick skin, Khalid Abu Bakar's Sedition law, threatens citizen's freedom

 Why should you impose restrictions on people who do not need restrictions?
This draconian  Khalid Abu Bakar's law, says that “Whoever, by words, either spoken or written, or by signs, or by visible representation, or otherwise, brings or attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards Najib and Rosmah
 be deemed to be an offender  in other words, guilty of sedition. Is this the preposterous provision in IGP office from harassing critics of their political masters and clamping them in jail until the tortuously slow legal process gets them bail and eventual acquittal.
offers little protection against harassment
.ALSO READ THIS Gross travesty of justice in Malaysia by the police

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