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Will the real special officer to the AG, Mabel Muttiah,stand up please

Did Najib Tun Razak interfered in the Altantuya case and tried to help his friend Razak Baginda escape the gallows? Read the article  and sms-es inside and YOU decide.
The following text message correspondence is between YAB Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, and Dato’ Shafee Abdullah, a Malaysian lawyer who initially represented Abdul Razak Abdullah Baginda who is on trial for abeting the murder of Mongolian national, Altantuya Shaariibuu.
While it does not answer lingering questions about Najib’s alleged past relations with Altantuya, the text messages show clearly Najib’s active intereference in the case very early on.
The messages highlight Najib’s willingness to speak with both members of the Attorney General’s Chambers and Inspector General of Police about the case, something that suggests an abuse of executive power.
What is particularly revealing and troubling is that the counsel, Shafee, keeps asking Najib for details indicating some political intervention that may have influenced the case.
This observation is strengthened by Najib’s message to Shafee on 16 November 2006: “Pls do not say anything to the press today. i will explain later. RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.”
This message raises a lot of questions about Najib’s role in this case. Why did he mention “tentative” charge and that “all is not lost” for RB (Razak Baginda)? How would Najib know this before Razak was charged? Is there already a deal in place that will see Razak aquitted? These are important questions which will have ramifications not just on this case but far beyond.
The text messages were transmitted between Najib’s personal mobile phone (+6012 2143177) and Shafee’s mobile phone (+6012 3257052).
Those who seek the truth should challenge Najib and Shafee to deny that this correspondence took place between them. Perhaps a record of the messages still resides in the server of the relevant telecommunications company.
The truth is buried somewhere. Those who know what truly happened hope that the truth has been buried deep with Altantuya. But the funny thing is, the truth always finds its way into the hands of those who fight for justice – sometimes in the most mysterious circumstances.
Inside are the sms-es purportedly sent between the two: Najib and Shafee:
Wednesday 8/11/2006
Shafee  to Najib (S2N)
Date: 8/11/2006 02:59:31
Dato Seri, The Razak Baginda thing is troubling me.Can I help? Salam, Shafee
Najib to Shafee (N2S)
Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:05
I will speak with u later tonight.
Date: 8/11/2006 03:45:31
Thank you
Date: 8/11/2006 06:28:56
Met the investigating officer today.Position is serious for RB.The 3 are highly implicated.RB’s case can be fought.There are redeeming features for him.But we need to meet Dato Seri as there are other looming issues at large.But not to worry. Salam > Shafee
Date: 8/11/2006 21:06:11
I have spoken to IGP. U can represent n meet RB in court.
Thursday 9/11/2006
Date: 9/11/2006 12:45:30
If RB’s remand is upto Sunday, does it mean that he has to be charged by Fri or be released? i hope it is looking better for him.
Date: 9/11/2006 13:11:23
3 things can happen.Firstly, they can ask for more time for detention.We will resist.Second,they have to release him by Friday or thirdly charge him by Friday.Police took him to his office for document search.Nothing incriminating found.Now they are recording stmt from him.Later search in house.Under control so far Dato Seri. Salam, shafee
Date: 9/11/2006 14:09:03
Dato Seri, Re RB need to meet up with you today. shafee
Date: 9/11/2006 14:17:47
630 pm at my house in PJaya this evening.
Date: 9/11/2006 14:18:21
Thank you
Friday 10/11/2006
Date: 10/11/2006 15:14:31
Any news about RB ?
Date: 10/11/2006 15:19:40
Dato Seri, Negotiating for conditional release.If not police need 2 or 3 more days extention.I suspect its an exercise in public relation as they do not want public to think a VIP was given an easier time.Being a vip under these conditions is a liability.Otherwise we are on track according to plan. Salam, Shafee
Date: 10/11/2006 15:27:01
Thanks, he is very stressful according to his wife n would be a huge help if he could get a conditional release latest by sun.
Date: 10/11/2006 21:35:52
Saw the news on tv. RB was sent for DNA. Not sure it was neccessary.
Date: 10/11/2006 21:40:19
Unnessasary.But I think its on his lung infection.He has just been sent again to HUKM.Will know more later from inside contacts.
Saturday 11/11/2006
Date: 11/11/2006 03:17:56
Dato Seri, I was at ghkl ccu 4th floor.RB was admitted due to lung infection:mild pneumonia and asthmatic.This was the pain he was suffering in the chest and unexplained coughing for months.He is under an able physician Dato Dr Jeyaindran Sinnadurai(head of Dept of Medicine)Its good he is resting there than in the lockup.Dna was done to eliminate that he was at scene of crime(paternity can be ruled out as well).Need to see Dato Seri on some concerns. Salam. Shafee
Date: 11/11/2006 08:54:17
ANy chance of a release by sun ?
Date: 11/11/2006 08:58:14
Police should release him by then except that I think the police is disturbeb by Media and public pressure.Other factors need be coomunicated to Dato Seri in person. Investigation wise we are on track for release.
Date: 11/11/2006 09:26:52
It is clear that the Police will ask for extention t’row.I will resist strongly in view of the fact that the last few days investigation on RB have completed investigations that require RB’s presence in custody.Secondly, from yesterday the Police has done nothing much with him except to do the dna.Thirdly, I am concerned with the Police carelessness yesterday in allowing the 3 other suspects to be freely mixing and therefore tainting their subsequent stmnts as they could be ‘group coached’.But it also show Police no longer need to isolate the suspects.Even RB was handcuffed to the C/I. Salam . Shafee
Date: 11/11/2006 11:46:48
I Can see u today at my Taman duta hse at 6 pm.
Date: 11/11/2006 11:59:08
OK Dato Seri.Insyaallah I will be there.
Sunday 12/11/2006
Date: 12/11/2006 13:53:41
2 days extention to Tuesday.They must release him by then maybe conditionally.Police asked for full 14days.He has message.
Date: 12/11/2006 14:06:23
Will give Dato Seri in a while
Date: 12/11/2006 15:10:17
Monday 13/11/2006
Date: 13/11/2006 15:53:36
Am in his office now.Another search. AG will be unwilling to charge and lose a case yet again.It is agood idea to suggest to AG to hood on and let investigtion proceed with Razak Released on Bond.
Tel: 60122143177
Date: 13/11/2006 16:23:29
How was the search ?
Date: 13/11/2006 16:25:56
We provided them everything,including old pda and note books and a couple of bills.Nothing incriminating.
Wednesday 15/11/2006
Date: 15/11/2006 13:21:32
Things going as expected.2 male officer charged for murder in common intention.Razak’s name not in. Lady officer released but rearrested under Emergency Ordinance to be used as Crown witness(exactly as predicted). I am expecting RB to be released on Bond.4 of my lawyers are watching brief the proceedings in the murder case.Rb matter prob t’row. Pl call. Shafee Ps coming back now from Taipei.
Date: 15/11/2006 23:31:09
So hopefully he will be released tmrw?
Date: 15/11/2006 23:34:38
Dato Seri, I am driving up from S’pore ,no more flight to KL tonight.Hope for th best.Any indication? Shafee
Date: 15/11/2006 23:36:52
Not heard anything untoward yet.
Thursday 16/11/2006
Date: 16/11/2006 10:52:43
Anything Dato Seri? I am already in Court.
Date: 16/11/2006 10:53:50
Pls do not say anything to the press today. i will explain later. RB will have to face a tentative charge but all is not lost.
Date: 16/11/2006 10:54:30
Friday 17/11/2006
Date: 17/11/2006 10:50:30
Dato Seri, Its important you speak toYusoff Zainal Abidin as he knows the law a lot better in the Chambers.I am confident he is concerned with the negligible evidence agst Razak.The Raja Mahani and Tengku Ariston cases ought to be the guiding critera for AG.They cannot afford another scandallous loss by the Prosecution as in Norita, Ariston,Dato Balwant etc.
Date: 17/11/2006 11:39:46
OK will try. Meanwhile try to console the wife. She is hysterical.
Date: 17/11/2006 11:41:29
I know Dato Seri.I will do everything I can.Salam, Shafee
Date: 17/11/2006 12:57:49
Dato Seri, Razak has not been sent to Hospital.He is clearly not well.He is refusing to take Prison’s medicine for fear of sabourtage.The chief Physician of GHKL Dato Dr Jaya Sinnadurai is shocked that they have not brought Razak back to GHKL.I have spoken to Haji Darussalam,Sg Buloh’s Prison Director.Can You sound this to Dato Radzi Shek Ahmad?Need to see you of s’thing that I think had happened that led to her death.Utterly shocking if I am right. Shafee
Date: 17/11/2006 15:45:34
Dato Seri, I am at Sg Buloh Prison.I have organised Razak to be in HUKL,He is on his way there now. The Pengarah Hj Darussallam and deputy Supt Gunasegaran very helpful. Shafee
Date: 17/11/2006 21:27:02
My regards to him. He Is always in my thought.
Date: 17/11/2006 21:34:44
Will tell him
Sunday 19/11/2006
Date: 19/11/2006 16:25:08
Dato Seri, I need Dsp Musa ,your ADc to call me to clarify a point.He is not answering Shafee
Monday 20/11/2006
Date: 20/11/2006 13:02:33
Any developement Dato Seri? Shafee
Date: 20/11/2006 14:30:20
Not yet.
Date: 20/11/2006 14:30:38
Thank you
Date: 20/11/2006 21:05:17
Dato Seri.Razak is being transfered to Sg. Buloh t’row.Can Dr. Jaya do anything?
Date: 20/11/2006 23:04:50
When is he being transffered?
Date: 20/11/2006 23:05:48
Date: 20/11/2006 23:07:01
What time?
Date: 20/11/2006 23:08:01
Probably late morning
Thursday 23/11/2006
Tel: 60122143177
Date: 23/11/2006 13:46:51
Your message read” Najib released on personal bond!”.
Date: 23/11/2006 13:50:00
Razak released on Bail of 1 million. On personal bond undertaking. Shafee?I am terribly sorry for that mistake.Whole night tak tidur preparing. My profuse apologies Sir. salam. shafee
Date: 23/11/2006 14:00:25
ALhamdullillah , at least he is on bail.Big relief for him n family.
Date: 23/11/2006 14:02:02
Dato, I need to brief you urgently b4 you speak to him.Shafee
Date: 23/11/2006 14:12:32
OK but not intending to speak to him as yet.
Saturday 2/12/2006
Date: 2/12/2006 18:59:15
Dato Seri, Got some info that are troubling.Quite serious.Are you in Taman Duta?Can we meet? Salam, Shafee

read this


May 18, 2011 - No one has answered the million ringgit question yet: is the SMS exchange on the Altantuya murder case between Datuk Seri Najib Razak and 

You can’t do the same things and expect different results

Mabel and her bosses conspired to achieve otherwise.
Mabel must sue to uphold her integrity if the is any
They went over the heads of the family’s wishes and encouraged one, self-confessed gangster member of that family to whisk the body from the hospital and get it cremated, seemingly in order to prevent their narrative of an “evil doctor” from being challenged by further evidence.
Will the real  special officer to the AG, Mabel Muttiah,stand up please
Image result for who is the special officer to the AG, Mabel Muttiah,
Don't just deny and called the report a pack of lies and a manipulation of facts for an ulterior motive. Otherwise, her integrity is indeed questionable

 What is the motive of the special officer to the attorney-general (AG), Mabel Muttiah, in interfering in the majority decision of the Morais family?why the report had to single you out, of all the many people in the AG's office?
 Mabel Muttiah, you claim the report (in the Sarawak Report) is a pack of lies and a manipulation of facts for an ulterior motive Copies of text messages between the office of the new Attorney General, Mohammed Apandi, and family members of the murdered public prosecutor, Kevin Morais, have been made available to Sarawak Report.
Mabel must sue Sarawak Report to uphold her integrity if the text messages in the report were not from her or doctored.
What is the harm in conducting a second autopsy if the majority of the members of Morais family wanted it?
What is the motive of the special officer to the attorney-general (AG), Mabel Muttiah, in interfering in the majority decision of the Morais family?
Kevin Morais' remains had been held at the morgue for 70 days. Surely there is plenty of time to conduct a second autopsy.
This appeared to be a deliberate attempt to deny a second autopsy in order to perhaps cover up a crime. Charles Morais has the right to sue her.
.If there is supposedly no smoke without fire, why the report had to single you out, of all the many people in the AG's office?
And if there is no smoke without fire, why must there be a pack of cybertroopers coming out from the worm hole for your sake and in your defence?
These are the same people (you'd recognise them by the way they write) who would relentlessly defend 1MDB and the PM in every article that raised incriminating allegations against them.
You'd say it’s all lies but people do see ‘not so innocent’ smoke coming from a pile of innocent looking rubbish.
Mabel Muttiah, your charge that the Sarawak Report's exposé on your text communication with certain members of the Morais family was a pack of lies gains no traction with many, if not most, of us who have been following its reports apropos the few sensational issues that have come to light since the beginning of this year.

Copies of text messages between the office of the new Attorney General, Mohammed Apandi, and family members of the murdered public prosecutor, Kevin Morais, have been made available to Sarawak Report.

They reveal a series of shocking attempts by one of the AG’s own top officials to first bully and then bribe the family into cremating the body of Kevin Morais, before a second postmortem could be performed.

When these attempts failed, the messages show that this official, one of Apandi’s closest aids, issued a naked threat against Kevin’s brother Charles Morais:

“Any updates on Suresh [Charles]?  Has he told u anytg (sic)?  The [AG’s] chambers ur beginning to querie abt hm, they seem to know he is mischievous an has other motives, they have read everythg on him an believe he is staling (sic) Kevin’s cremation coz of other matters affecting him, he shld be careful if I was hm (sic)”
[message from AG’s Special Assistant, Mabel Muttiah, to brother Richard Morais 26/11/15]

Shortly after this sinister message, further texts show that the same senior aid to the Attorney General was directly involved in the conspiracy to unlawfully remove the body from the hospital morgue, behind the back of Kevin’s closest family members – cremating it on the very day that the courts had received the application for a second post mortem.

“He [Richard Morais] asked me to find out from you if you would join him [tomorrow] in getting the remains of Kev fr the mortuary. Thank you”
[Mabel Muttiah texting brother, David Morais, 16/11/15]

Such irregular interference by the very officials tasked with prosecuting this murder case raises serious questions about obstruction of justice on the part of the AG’s office itself.

The immediate concern is what motivated this determination of the new Attorney General to avoid a second, independent post-mortem, which had been demanded by the family according to their rights?

Kevin's body was concealed in a cement filled oil drum
Kevin’s body was concealed in a cement filled oil drum

Morais was abducted on 4th September.

At the time, according to family and former colleagues, he was engaged in examining evidence relating to 1MDB and had been involved in drawing up charges against the Prime Minister himself, as part of the investigations launched by the previous Attorney General, who had already been sacked.

Professional job - the burnt out car had its ID markings erased
Professional job – the burnt out car had its ID markings erased

He was found twelve days later, submerged in a cement filled oil drum, after his car was discovered burnt out in a field with its identification numbers carefully erased.

The police rapidly arrested an army doctor and several alleged accomplices for the murder, in what was described as an “open and shut case” by the Inspector General of Police.  The doctor stands accused of having commissioned the murder because Kevin refused to drop a bribery case against him.

However, the family immediately had concerns.  According to the official post mortem, which has yet to be published because of the on-going case, the cause of Kevin’s death was considered to be “possible asphyxiation” and police earlier told the family that he had been strangled with his belt or neck tie and his hands tied behind his back.

But, there were no marks on the body and the neck bones were intact, say family members. Photographs seen by Sarawak Report show that, contrary to the police claims, his body was found with the hands free and in front of him, pointing to an entirely different cause of death.

Why the reluctance to allow a second post-mortem?
Mabel Muttiah - said she was Kevin's close friend
Mabel Muttiah – said she was Kevin’s close friend

Given the anomalies and the scant and uncertain details provided by the original post mortem (including a lack of any toxicology results) Kevin’s closest brother, Charles Morais, demanded a second post mortem on behalf of the majority of his family members, as was their legal right.

The family say that they then immediately found themselves subjected to extraordinary and intolerable pressure from officials in the AG’s office to waive this right and to cremate the body as soon as possible.

The leading voice in this matter was Mabel Muttiah, a former colleague who affected to be a close friend of Kevin’s, although Charles has said that Kevin had indicated that he never felt close to Mabel when alive.

Mabel had been promoted within the AG’s office to become the new Attorney General’s Special Assistant on August 3rd after the arrival of Apandi, according to her own Linked In page:

Mabel Muttiah, who authored numerous texts pressuring for Kevin to be cremated immediately, was none other than Apandi's own Special Assistant
Mabel Muttiah, who authored numerous texts pressuring for Kevin to be cremated immediately, was none other than Apandi’s own Special Assistant

Official card
Official card

In this capacity Muttiah started sending indirect texts to Charles, through family members, criticising the decision not to immediately cremate Kevin, which would have destroyed the possibility of gaining more information into his actual cause of death.

On 22/09/15 Mabel texted a cousin “I would have done the funeral differently….”  adding, entirely correctly, “but who am I only an outsider”.

Despite her own acknowledgement that she had no such right to interfere, this officer from the AG’s closest inner circle nevertheless started increasing her pressure on the family.

Was someone pressuring her in turn?

Her next text on the same day continued to badger – criticising the family’s decision to have a memorial service rather than cremating the body.

“I wd have named the funeral programme as A HERO’S JOURNEY BACK TO HOME SWEET HOME….  Bring the remains to Nirvana – hve the wake for that particular night and next day in a chapel setting hve the svs with the priest … singing they hymns and his favourite Amazing Grace.. followed by the reading of the scriptures and the message … a multi media show… eulogies and his final hour would be the coffin dripped in the AGC and Malaysian flag – then the cremation” bulldozed Mabel on 22nd September.

The messages only got worse, as Charles made clear he was sticking to his plan to bring an independent Australian expert to examine the body. Two days later Mabel was at it again, prodding the family that she had spoken to the police, as if they were not managing their own affairs in this respect:

“Btw I spoke to the police and they told me that the family of our late Kevin can claim his body anytime” [24.09.15]

Muttiah’s next message just ten minutes later proved how closely she was directly in touch with the Attorney General himself in these negotiations with the family:

“Message from the AG to me…. Speak to ACP Munu about COD [Cause of Death]”

Mabel received a firm reply from the family go-between:

“Thanks, but we still want to wait for the autopsy report”

Pressuring late at night.
Pressuring late at night.

Undeterred, Mabel was back badgering later that very evening and plainly at the behest of the highest authorities in her office:

“Please call ACP Munu at 10pm.  He will give you and Charles all the explanation needed. Pls call and ask Charles to talk…. no harm…. I have passed all your concerns via Watsap to the AG, SG and the Chief of Staff.  I am just like you all perplexed why all this is happening to dear Kevin” [21.38 pm 24/09/15]

And Mabel continued badgering on into the night.  At 22.19 she texted again:

“Hve you all spoken to ACP Munu”?

Then at 22.38:

“Kindly call him….

Finally, when told the family did not want to make this call she started, late in the night, pressuring on another tack, which was the so-called “golden hand shake” that the AG’s office attempted to get Kevin’s three brothers to sign up to.

“Golden Handshake” – a bribe from the AG?
Whilst the senior brother, Charles Morais, attempted to stand firm over the family’s majority decision requesting a second post mortem, the AG’s office had started to approach his other brothers in an apparent attempt to exploit tensions within an already divided family.

The AG offered a 'golden handshake' to Kevin's brothers in return for signing a settlement.
The AG offered a ‘golden handshake’ to Kevin’s brothers in return for signing a settlement.

They offered the three brothers a substantial sum of money, RM580,000 to be divided amongst them as an alleged “gratuity” to represent Kevin’s pension and ‘golden handshake’.

To receive it the AG’s officials made plain they wanted the three brothers to sign a ‘declaration’ to signal a settlement.

Charles had refused the money and his lawyer made plain that legally anything payable to Kevin ought not to be given to individuals but added to his estate and divided according to the terms of his will (a legality which the lawyers in the AG’s office ought to have been fully aware of).

In fact, it is highly questionable whether any such ‘pension’ should be legally payable out of public money to the brothers of the deceased, who was single.

Richard, on the other hand, was in favour of taking the cash, while David appeared to remain on the fence regarding all matters.

So, late on that night of 24th September, having been rejected on the matter of contacting the police to be reassured on the cause of death, Mabel started up about the money. At half past eleven at night she again texted:

“No problem dear. Don’t worry… BTW tomorrow there will be a presentation by TSAG to the rep of the family.  I also to need see the 3 brothers to give them sample of Declaration to be prepared by the brothers for the gratuity, pension and golden hand shake. So hope to see u tomorrow.”

Sanctimoniously, she added:

“I alwz believe as public svt [servants] we shd provide assistance to the people.. but I don’t think than many people share that view…”


How two-faced Mabel played three-ways games with the Morais brothers
Richard Morais had texted Mabel calling himself a "hardcore gangster"
Richard Morais had texted Mabel calling himself a “hardcore gangster”

These dubious attempts by the AG’s office to offer the brothers money appears to have successfully orchestrated a division within the family, which they moved to exploit over the next few days.

Richard, who was already estranged from Kevin and Charles, was angry at the refusal to take the cash and started to increasingly cooperate with the wishes of the AG against his other brothers.  In particular, this meant supporting the strange determination to have Kevin cremated before an independent autopsy could take place.

And who was separately texting Richard encouraging him to conspire against his brothers over this matter? None other than the AG’s right hand woman Mabel.

Two months after Mabel had told Charles “Okay I respect your decision” (not to take action until after a second post mortem), she was texting Richard that his brother should watch out for being a nuisance to her AG:

“Any updates on Suresh [Charles]?  Has he told u anytg?  The [AG’s] chambers ur beginning to querie abt hm, they seem to know he is mischievous an has other motives, they have read everythg on him an believe he is staling (sic) Kevin’s cremation coz of other matters affecting him, he shld be careful if I was hm” [text message from AG’s Special Assistant, Mabel Muttiah, to brother Richard Morais 26/11/15]

“I am a hardcore gangster” – Richard Morais to Mabel Muttiah!
Astonishingly, Mabel had sent this text to Richard Morais, who has a long record of being in trouble with the law, in reply to an earlier text from himself, in which he made this chilling acknowledgement:

“I am a hardcore gangster and fear no one.  I only fear my brother David. He knows every step of mine but I can’t read his steps” [26.11.15]

Instead of backing off after such a shocking confession, Mabel, an officer of the law, persevered with her engagement. This time she revealed a third prong to her ingratiating tactics as she tried to bring brother David into the same camp as the self-confessed gangster Richard, against the family’s majority wish for a second post-mortem.

Once again Mabel acted the loving best friend when she texted David from the AG’s office on 16th November to bring him in on the plot with Richard to remove Kevin’s body from the hospital, without the knowledge of his senior brother Charles and the rest of the family:

“Dearest darling Bro David.  Just receivd message from Bro Richard. he wants to remove Kev’s remains and give a decent burial if time permits tomorrow.  He asked me to find out from you if you would join him in getting the remains of Kev fr the mortuary. Thank you”

This shocking overture from the right hand officer to the AG proves that there was official involvement at the highest level in the conspiracy to cheat the Morais family of their right to an independent post mortem – a right that was filed in the courts (after weeks of obstruction by the AG’s office) on the very morning that the body was snatched from the mortuary.

Family under pressure, David (left), Richard (scnd right) and Charles (right)
Family under pressure, David (left), Richard (scnd right) and Charles (right)

However, Mabel and her colleagues were to be disappointed in their plan to entice the third brother into the conspiracy, presumably to lend further credibility to their actions. The supposed fence-sitter, David, did not want to be party to the deceit.  He replied to Mabel firmly and correctly:

“This is a Morais family matter. You should run Richard’s request by Charles too, as he is the oldest. No one can act or decide on their own. The decision to collect Kevin’s remains must be unanimous amongst the brothers. it is not something that can be settle by a “show of hands” or a “quorum” [David Morais to Mabel 16.11.15]

Despite such a firm warning and rejection by David Morais, Mabel and the AG’s office went ahead with supporting Richard’s plans the following day.

Text messages from Mabel kept up the pressure
Text messages from Mabel – even though she acknowledged the final decision lay with the family she kept up the pressure.. including threats.

Plainly backed by powers that be, Kevin’s estranged and renegade brother Richard was allowed to turn up unannounced at the hospital and claim the body. He then had it immediately burnt behind his family’s back, without any consent whatsoever.

Till this day Richard Morais is understood to be driving around with Kevin’s ashes in the back of his car, trying to come up with a solution over what to do with these remains.

This despicable act was achieved thanks to the support of the highest authorities and the craven failure of the hospital to insist that the correct parties should first be informed and give their consent.

It begs a single question: why?

Sarawak Report has several more copies of the texts from Mabel Muttiah to the Morais brothers, which show a sinister and suspicious agenda on the part of the Attorney General’s Office, plainly directed at driving the murder case of their former colleague Kevin Morais towards a certain outcome.

As Mabel made clear (below), the AG’s office had a view on who was responsible for the murder and appeared to be actively manoeuvring to prevent any new evidence that might upset a judgement over that scenario.

Instead of allowing the Morais family’s concerns to be allayed or substantiated by a second post mortem in search of the truth, Mabel Muttiah on 26th September had told the family:

“In Confidence… Frankly dear there is no foul play and that is why I wanted you all to speak to Munu… Kevin was MURDERED by the evil man Kuna not fit to be cald a doctor. Pls give the remains a proper burial. A fren who is very close to Kevin said aft attending Nirvana yesterday.. Mabel, Kevin will not like all this cos he is a simple man and that is why he didn’t come here… he wd hve preferred a simple church cvs and followed by burial…u still hve some time to consider before the 3/10  Pls dear, I can only plead..however, the final decision lies in the hands of the family”
The simple fact that no action - none whatsoever - that conforms with that which a party defamed by the publication of blatant misrepresentation of actual events, utterances or action would take has been instituted against the Sarawak Report proves beyond any reasonable doubt that its exposés have been made based on incontrovertible pieces of information.
We have heard nothing more than bare denials and accusation of the Sarawak Report having published doctored or falsified information.
Kevin Morais' remains had been held at the morgue for 70 days. That is some two months and two weeks.
Considering that the length of the period is inordinately long but nothing had happened, it is reasonable for one to surmise the reluctance of the appropriate authority to approve the conducting of a second autopsy on the remains.
Further, it is reasonable for one to surmise that a delay tactic was effected to force Charles Morais to give up his quest for a second autopsy to be conducted and to return to the United States to see to his business.
However, Charles Morais persevered, although his hotel charges alone would have come up to many a pretty penny.
What would one desirous of concealing incriminating evidence that the remains might have held do under the circumstances? Simple.
One would work through a member of the Morais family who is the most vulnerable, or one who has a lot to hide, or one most susceptible to accepting illicit gratification.
 It would be helpful if Mabel Muttiah could confirm if the quoted text messages in the Sarawak Report were accurate. After that, it is a matter of interpretation.
 Mabel must sue Sarawak Report to uphold her integrity if the text messages in the report were not from her or doctored.
Don't just deny and called the report a pack of lies and a manipulation of facts for an ulterior motive. Otherwise, her integrity is indeed questionable

the Attorney-General Office rout: Why the worst is yet to come read more Shocking story of public apathy Najib stealing from our silence:

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