Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Khairuddin Abu Hassan Thought for the day between perception and evidence

Why we Malaysians are such suckers for crooked enforcement. What are the people in government doing?

Thought for the day, or perhaps the next hundred days: Where did it all go wrong for  Najib a king of kings, a blue-blood intellectual, a classical aesthete. Why did his rule sink to nadir?Najib  had too many heads. It just doesn’t work. . Accretion is no longer seen as strength, but as invitation to weakness often to justify the politics of barter with greed and incompetence, turning UMNO into a foxtrot between partners in blackmail. Policy decisions were negotiated through attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali  stick in one hand, while the other opened the nation’s treasury for loot as reward for compliance: witness spectrum,MACCGATE or land grab deals. between  perception and evidence 

The AG declared the prime minister was never aware that monies, other than the donation from the Saudi royal family, was in his personal accounts. Apandi also said that Najib never personally approved any transfer of funds from SRC International.
Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, when he said it was  from the Saudis  blood stained jihad money to the Malaysian government to fight terrorism and uphold Sunni teachings.but a BBC report today quoted a well-placed Saudi source saying that the money was to counter the influence of the Islamist group Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) of Egypt in Malaysia
treason & crimes of the highest degree as shown Perversion of justice, cover ups. diversions, blame-shifting. Suspicious replacement of DPM & Ex AG! Whistle-blowers detained eg: Matthias & Khairuddin; People who asked questions sued; 1MDB Task Force dissolved; Police & MACC in disarrayed; nullified super-serious Bank Negara’s report & its order of repatriation of billions; strange transfers of Special Branch’s Abdul Hamid & MACC officers to PM’s Departmt; shady appointment of 4 PAC Commettee members to Cabinet; sacking of Law Officer Jessica Gurmeet; no questioning of PM by MACC & Police; 1MDB yet to face the PAC; not a word of clarification or explanation from PM…week after week, month after month. Skorpene kickback was RM500million; Apandi covered up Mongolian murders inclusive of a baby (likely Razak’s, now free in UK) & nailed the persecution/jailing of Opposition’s Anwar under fabricated sodomy. Look at Apandi’s face! - the evil that oozes makes people quiver!!!
The entry to PM’s personal A/c was RM2.6bil = 2,600million. 1MDB’s debt is RM40+bil (over 40,000 mil). Australian NSW premier resigned over an un-declared gift of wine of a only few thousand US$! Few thousand versus your RM40,000-50,000mil. These criminals deserve 1000 strokes of the rattan & life sentences with hard labour, they lie daily & have destroyed the lives of millions & brought poverty & sufferings.

As the debate continues to swirl around 
‘Did Najib lodge any report on deposit?’
Equality does not mean an end to hierarchy. Functional hierarchies are needed, to get things done in any complex organisation. But, in a democracy, these hierarchies are meant to be context-specific, to melt away and reconfigure in a different context and be non-existent in terms of political rights.
Aristotle’s law on prose is compelling: everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. rearranging  to deal with the difficult middle of a column in UMNOContinue reading below

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