Sunday, January 22, 2017

PAS’s Historic Move: the skewered gerrymandering, the winner is UMNO

PAS that deviated from Islamic model are paying an existential price

Principles are vulnerable in pursuit of barbarians like PAS synonymous . PAS president  has used “coalition compulsions” once too often to justify the politics of barter with greed and incompetence, turning PAS into a foxtrot between partners in blackmail.Abetting policy decisions were negotiated through a MACC stick in one hand, while the other opened the nation’s treasury for loot as reward for compliance: witness spectrum,  1MDBgate or land grab deals.
 With fractious politics. If there is no stable opposition  this year, we will not see one for a few elections to come. National parties which have offered a coherent centre to coalitions will fracture, and be replaced by makeshift alliances of incompatible but equal satellites.Thospree who understand the temperamental nature of any electoral season know that predictions are risky. It is far safer to keep your eyes open and mouth shut. But if you had to lay any bets, how would you start?The first challenge before Najib, if he wants to take his party to the top position, is to protect Umno’s few marginals and displace PAS from its thin space. Najib cannot take a switch in swing for granted, for while national factors do shape currents on the surface, there are always extremely strong local whirlpools just below which can pull in the opposite direction.Using the Sg Besar- Kuala Kangsar formula is the best option for PAS total wipeout

The warriors of this Islamic jihad are the masked vanguard of a movement.Behind the masks ,Najib wrenched his nation out of the looming trap of faith supremacy. Courageously, raging across Malaysia, is a confrontation between the lethal adrenalin of faith supremacy and belief that faith equality is the basis of civilised political and social stability governments and people invested in peace, are trapped by questions they often fear to raise, worried by consequences. For how long can they prevent rage from becoming outrage? How do we manage the tipping point?.What is modernity? It has four non-negotiable pillars: democracy, which is impossible without free speech; freedom of faith; gender equality; and economic equity, through which the poo r are the principal beneficiaries of economic growth.votes will wander in that useless space called purgatory; neither in heaven nor hell.Politics might be hell, but victory is heaven.

Another barbaric chapter of an epic conflict between the presence and promise of modernity, and the bitter, toxic romance of regression Time’s up for PAS, Bersatu to decide soon.Every good drama needs a few sub-plots whirling through the mainframe. The most captivating within our current political theatre  On surface level, it is not much more than a claim for primacy between a politician who inherited wealth, English and Harvard as a birthright, and the outsider who learnt life’s lessons in London streets . But no story-within-a-story is worth the price of admission if it is limited to the obvious.We can never be sure what transpires within the recesses of the mind, let alone the heart. But one wonders if Mahathir is also signalling, with his jibes and jabs at Najib, to his own party that he would have done a far better job than Najib if he had been made  candidate for prime minister.
If Hadi does believe this, he is right. He, and indeed at least three other PAS leaders, would have ensured that PAS did not fade away mid-journey . Others have internalized the angst of legitimate ambition denied ;Hadi has gone vocal. Nothing is more compelling evidence than his extraordinary statement that he is “not unhappy” 
PAS is consequently facing not one but two potential calamities. Its leaders, like England’s King Canute, sit on the shore and order the Najib wave to recede; and the waters remain disobedient. The second is an internal earthquake within the party as a generation gloomily contemplates what will be, in effect, its last election. This is, broadly,  plus or minus a few months on either side. Even if a few of them return to the House, they will not return to power. Najib will reshape Umno in his own style. This is as it should be

Thought for the day, or perhaps the next hundred days: Where did it all go wrong for PAS predident Ravana? He was the highest of the high-born, a king of kings, a blue-blood intellectual, a classical aesthete. Why did his rule sink to nadir? Ravana had too many heads. It just doesn’t work. 
It is a safe bet that most of his ten heads were barely on speaking terms with one another. Ravana remains the ultimate metaphor for coalition politics, the Third Front of his time, and symbol of disaster for all eternity in Malaysaia’s sacred verse. A significant, if still barely recognized, by-product of the tortured Umno decade is the collapse of voters’ trust in any patch-up, last-minute conglomeration. Accretion is no longer seen as strength, but as invitation to weakness.
Image result for Finance Minister2 Johari Umno which will maximize its seat count. Opinion polls show  will improve its numbers from two electoral consequences.It is time to bury the myth of the irrational voter. Religion and race are the weakest strands in the knit that is forming the present surge. Malaysia democracy, like any mature polity, works best when it revolves around economic empowerment, with Umno supreme council member Datuk Johari when it functions like a welfare ladder. All of us live on some rung of that ladder, and all of us want to climb a rung, enabled by good governance. It is axiomatic that those at the bottom must rise at twice the pace of elites, but it is essential that everyone must ascend. A simple question will shape the voter’s decision: who can best assure this ascent?  READMORE Finance Minister II Datuk Johari Abdul Ghani said good first step for improving accountability in government

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