Monday, February 20, 2017

Let Abdul Hadi do the flirting, seduce Mahathir with Islamic PM post

Since ages, we have been witness to an incessant face off between faith and logic. European enlightenment exposed certain flaws in blind faith and ushered in an era of rationality, and logic became the dominant paradigm.

Detractors of PAS' proposed amendments to Act 355 do not fear the law itself, but the unity of Muslims who back it and the "victory" of Islam that would ensue, said Nik Mohamad Abduh Nik Aziz.with it the future of the ‘Pivot to PAS’ policy  Najib and  UMNO had instituted has Malaysia been pushed into uncertainty.PAS youth chief said : "They do not fear the amendments to the act per se. It is negligible and does not affect them. Their lives will go on as usual.

Najib’s historic Malaysians asks a question that repeatedly withers on the dry sand of evasive clich├ęs. How long will the apartheid of two laws for the same crime continue?Another barbaric chapter of an epic conflict between the presence and promise of modernity, and the bitter, toxic romance of regression was written by Najib and Hadi 

Neither goes into a brown study to ponder the causes of political terrorism, a manipulative phrase designed specifically to provide cover for perpetrators of political terrorism  Neither the Chinese nor Hindus public opinion would accept such a pussyfoot leadership.This war, raging across the world, is a confrontation between the lethal adrenalin of faith supremacy and belief that faith equality is the basis of civilised political and social stability. The epicentre of this war is within the Muslim successor states of the Mughal and Ottoman empires; but its destructive reach extends far beyond its immediate habitat.Corruption is the mechanism through which a section of our elite has poisoned the credibility of our nation’s political and economic edifice. Governments have been either complicit or helpless as high end individuals, buoyed by the arrogance of unaccounted wealth, began to believe that they were above the law or beyond the reach of coercive instruments.Nothing illustrates the complacency of this class more than the manner in which it ignored  we underestimate the power of those vested interests which have been challenged. Their ability to shape public opinion by compounding some inevitable pain in process through exaggeration and fear was on full display. But they underestimated one fact  that voters to assault this pervasive monsters with sustainable commitment. that Malaysians  are not willing to accept passing discomfort as the collateral price of the struggle against the rampant PAS fanaticism. This is why such a massive change to take place without violence. 

Almost 70pct of our population are Muslim. Over 90pct of ministers and CMs are Muslim  so you already have the powerPAS has turned Islam into a religion of fear and intimidation. There is no difference between the ideologies of Islamic terrorists like Taliban, Abu Sayyaf and Isis, and that of PAS Act 355 is an attempt to intimidate and mislead gullible Muslims into supporting PAS and Umno, who would otherwise be accused of apostasy. Act 355 is nothing more than an instrument to impose severe punishment on wrongdoers.A true religion seeks to be merciful and forgiving towards sinners, to give them hope, rather than to punish. It was once said by a great man, “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at the sinner.”

It's a bad idea to get elected on a racial basis. It's just as bad to get elected on religious basis.What Hadi is in effect saying is that Malaysia must be an Islamic state notwithstanding the ideology of our Founding Fathers nor the fact that the economy of the nation is dependent to a large extent on the efforts of non-Muslims.PAS that Umno has been responsible for our racial and religious intolerance, the use of race and religion as political tools, the destruction of the rule of law and ethical conduct, promoting a culture where corruption and greed are acceptable values, failure to hold people to account for their crimes, a preferential and entitlement mentality, destruction of our education system, the breeding of utterly incompetent politicians,

PAS also seems to be totally blinded to the contributions of the East Malaysians where a significant percentage of the people are non-Muslims. Does Hadi want to turn Malaysia into a Syria, Iraq, Iran or Yemen?God does not need you or tiny mortals to fight for him or defend him because he is the supreme, all-powerful, infinite soul who fills out the infinite universe and you are just a speck of dust consisting of a tiny finite soul that fills out a tiny finite body.

Both culminates into discrimination against other religions and other races, makes the majority of people in this country less tolerant, making Malaysia less welcoming, and makes us less prominent in the world.
Hadi, now you admit that gerrymandering is rampant. Why then did you prohibit your members from participating in Bersih 5 which demanded for free and fair elections?

Umno and PAS are both dinosaurs in an age where Internet technology is revolutionising the way we solve global problems, transact and interact with one another.

Often, people make a mistake and then add to it by making yet another mistake: by trying to justify their mistake. But what they should actually do on making a mistake is reflect on and seek to discover why they made that mistake in the first place.
If you don’t do that and, instead, you seek to justify your mistake after committing it, you remain just where you were before. On the other hand, if you seek to find out why you made that mistake, you will save yourself from repeating it.This is a natural fact. It is reflected in a hadith, narrated from Anasibn Malik, according to which the Prophet said, “Every person commits sin, and the best of those who commit sin are those who repent.” (IbnMajah, hadith no. 4251) The fact is that no human being possesses total knowledge. Because of this, people often adopt wrong views and opinions.
There are often errors in their plans. The virtue of human beings is not that they are immune from making mistakes. Rather, their virtue lies in their being willing to acknowledge their mistakes and to bring their actions into conformity with reality.
Aperson who does not acknowledge his mistakes has to pay the price of continuing to remain stuck in his wrong approach. Accordingly, he deprives himself of confidence, because he chooses to remain in that groove even though he recognises that it is wrong.
Moreover, his actions cannot produce meaningful results, and his plans will fail to produce the results that he seeks.

Turning Penang into FT is an activity designed to overthrow or undermine parliamentary democracy by unconstitutional means is an offence under the Section 124B of the Penal Code.

According to Tengku Adnan, turning Penang into a federal territory can help make home ownership affordable. If the Federal Territories under his watch is anything to go by, Kuala Lumpur has more soup kitchens and vagrants than most states in Malaysia, including Penan

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