Saturday, October 25, 2014

Imprisoning Anwar will save Malaysia or Umno?

As the country’s political landscape undergoes a massive transformation, Najib Rogue regime is expediting the nailing of their 'coffin'. Najib ’s stock has hit rock bottom after For this reason, I think even the conservatives will realise this unpalatable reality, given time and persuasion to chew over the fatal consequences of so decisively alienating such large and important sectors of the electorate; and the progressives who fervently believe and support the common cause of good governance and social justice of Pakatan Rakyat will surely prevail in the current power tussle and gain clear power by the next party election  the latest. UMNO have downplayed Najib the significance of the defeats and resorted to political manoeuvrings designed to, yet again, shield Rosmah from being held responsible for the party’s serial debacles. when UMNO was reduced to its lowest strength ever.In any party, a leader who presides over so many election debacles will be called to account. Not so in UMNO,This will make UMNOs decline into gentle irrelevance in national politics, sooner rather than later. The only solution is for Najib to gracefully step aside, enabling a new leadership to take over the reins of UMNO.— is a rudderless organisation led by a dynasty which a majority of Malays have become indifferent to. Cocooned in a party loath to acknowledge the obvious failure of the high command, Najib has not shown leadership skills and qualities, if not near-complete apathy in the task of rejuvenating

an organisation that appears in terminal decline.When that happens, PAS will emerge stronger, so will Pakatan Rakyat, considering the excellent rapport existing between PAS’s progressive leaders and their counterparts in PKR and DAP

Anwar’s departure to prison will not leave a vacuum, as the Reformasi ideals are already firmly implanted in the leadership of all the component parties of Pakatan Rakyat. Neither would Anwar’s PKR party suffer a leadership deficit, as its youthful leaders are already groomed to carry on the torch of reforms without Anwar’s physical presence. If there is any difference, Anwar in prison will only inspire and strengthen their political conviction that, come what may, they must save the country from the seemingly unending crutches of an evil regime.To those Umno hardliners gleefully looking forward to what they think is the political annihilation of Anwar, I advise them to take a trip down memory lane.readmore Imprisoning 

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