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Umno incompetence and inferiority complex.wants 20 years’ jail for Anwar

Will the court rule according to law? show of Umno incompetence and inferiority complex. what Najib’s reaction is to the convictions in Anwar case. He will probably say that it only proves that his government has not tampered with the law and justice machinery in Malaysia. Well that’s not that simple as that because this was a case monitored by the Supreme Court and witnesses protected by central paramilitary forces and legal aid from luminaries. But the question still buzzes in my mind:  What sort of system is this where politics decides everything and extinguishes the line between right and wrong?

 What is wrong with his Majesty's Opposition leader speaking at his alma mater? As many as possible of the Universiti Malaya (UM) alumni should attend this event. It can only burnish the image of UM.
Stopping the event and taking action against Universiti Malaya Students' Association (PMUM) president Fahmi Zainol will only tarnish UM's image.
 Over the past year, the government of Prime Minister Najib tun Razak, which in Najib’s first term had promised to improve the climate for civil liberties and abolish long-hated laws that allowed detention without trial, has shifted course. The government has pursued a sodomy case against opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim that, next week, almost surely will end with Anwar being sentenced to jail, though the case was a comedy of ridiculous “evidence” and coached witnesses. (To be clear—I don’t think sodomy should be a crime, but it is in Malaysia; even so, there was no verifiable evidence Anwar actually engaged in this “crime.”) 
A nation that cannot uphold its law cannot preserve its order. civil society indicating that both had certain common features and suggested that the role and nature of civil society is reflective of the role and condition of the State and that the development of one could not be understood in isolation from the other. In both, there is a prevalence of corruption, weak leadership rooted in a neo-patrimonial political culture, ethnic and class divisions as well as tendencies towards may be linked to the lack of a strong, effective system which could have fostered the creation of a shared national identity. There is evidence to suggest that such a formation did not occur in countries that have been colonized in the past after independence. This may have hampered the genesis of national cohesion and the ability of the State to evolve to nationhood.The burden of independence OF Justice
The unfortunate truth is that there is reason for this cynicism. A lot of the opinions that abound in media, both mainstream and social, are rooted in  pre-fabricated positions that fly under the flag of one label or another. In addition, over the last few years it has become clear that very few of our certitudes about the independence ofjustice the allegedly independent institutions stand up to scrutiny.
Perhaps at this point, questions may be asked about our judges, whether they may exercise their judicial judgment strictly according to law and constitution, free of political influences.
This is unlikely to happen, as the record of recent years has shown that the Federal Court has ruled in favour of the powers that be in every case where vital interest of  the latter is at stake, irrespective of whether the judgment is in conformity with the constitution and law. Such a pattern of judgment was most glaringly demonstrated in the series of Federal Court decisions where the constitution was thrown to the wind to ensure BN succeeded in it’s power grab in Perak.
Having said that, miracles do happen.  Who knows? The majority of judges may at the end decide to allow their judicial conscience to overrule their personal political loyalty or political biddings of others.The words of this column will make no difference. A government can reduce the past to rubble as easily as an Opposition party can erase a centuries-old mosque. My apologies for a rare detour into the personal, but this is a rare moment. I was a minor part of the Rao government and resigned on the night of December 6 since the stone wall constructed around the prime minister’s house had become impervious to anything except sycophancy. Words demand a different kind of loyalty, and one was relieved to return to the world of words.
Betrayal is impossible without trust. We did not trust Carbide to be honest. We trusted our political class, and it continues to search for new and inventive ways to betray us again.

Why do we say “law and order” rather than “order and law”? Simple. Law comes before order. Law defines the nature of order. Law is the difference between civilization and chaos. Law is evolutionary: the edicts of tribes, chiefs and dynasties lifted human societies from scattered peril to structured coexistence. The laws of democracy have vaulted us to the acme of social cohesion, for they eliminated arbitrary diktat and introduced collective will. The divine right of kings is dead; it has been reborn as the secular right of an elected Parliament.
Anwar Ibrahim should be sentenced to more than the five years meted out by the Appeals Court for his Sodomy II conviction, says the prosecution team.
The five-year jail term fails to serve the ends of justice from the perspective of public interest, the prosecution argued in a document sighted by Malaysiakini.
The prosecution said the appellate judges made a mistake because the jail sentence does not reflect the gravity of the offence, nor does it serve as a reminder to society.
“The five years' jail term is manifestly inadequate compared to the provisions of 20 years’ jail and rotan (whipping), as stipulated under Section 377B of the Penal Code,” the prosecution argued.
These are the grounds filed by the prosecution to ask the Federal Court to enhance the opposition leader’s sentence.
On March 7, the Court of Appeal overturned the Kuala Lumpur High Court 2012 decision, and found the opposition leader guilty of sodomy, sentencing him to five years’ jail.
Anwar's legal team, now headed by senior lawyer Sulaiman Abdullah again after the death of Karpal Singh, had filed 35 grounds to appeal against the conviction in the country's highest court.
The final appeal for the PKR de facto leader, who is 67, is set for two days, beginning Tuesday.
In a counter appeal, the prosecution is seeking a longer jail sentence for Anwar.
Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin is keeping mum over the identity of the athlete who failed a doping test conducted during a recent world championship. – The Malaysian Insider pic, October 21, 2014.
Have  you heard of the Rent a Face option? national interests are being sacrificed by a self-serving nexus of politicians . Najib who looks and plays the part an ever-increasing incidence of political leaders or their direct and close relatives establishing large businesses themselves. the reality of crony capitalism the illicit pressures faced from key functionaries in  Government. may shed light on how the crooked ministers in the previous  Mahathir regime, sought to arm-twist the constitutionally mandated civil service instead of taking heed to his i blunders  Najib has this to say, UMNO appears intent to repeat the same mistakes that consigned them to the electoral dustbin in the last election..Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is the  problem  have to get rid of him in order to save Umno an attempt to Google-search Najib in the expectation of learning about an updated agenda and new issues, was surprised to find that he hasn’t gleaned any lessons from his embarrassing rout in the last election  Najib must be replace with more suitable candidates if Barisan Nasional, in particular Umno, wants to stay in power after the next general election.if he wanted to run away from ruling at the earliest opportunity. we still believe he can make a come back , provided he makes amends,disowns some his close colleagues, who are doing more harm than good. however, we still have doubt about his ability to walk the talk.said Umno Secretary-General Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor and the party’s information chief, Ahmad Maslan.

 His mission is to turn UMNO around and put things right.  promise the moon and then some. Mahathir has probably given a secret report on UMNO’s running, complete with all the buzzwords like  and rationalisation of overheads (all except his) and impre-ssss-ed the bosses. Soon after taking over and series of meetings,  Mahathir orders fresh agendas, a new approach, claiming Najib is abandoning the responsibility given by the people to govern Malaysia was a bad gamble, orchestrated by his close coterie of friends, Unsurprisingly,Mahathir’s report deliberately ignores the elephant in the room Rosmah, and does not even flirt with the idea that Rosmah leadership might be to blame – not even a little. The result is utterly comical, and instantly reminiscent of the ‘great-leader’ in Malaysia; one who can do no harm – not even a little. One shudders to think that Antony was the same bumbling oaf who was put in charge of securing India’s defence needs. Pray how can a man who lacks the courage and moral conviction to point out the bleeding obvious, be trusted to lead our nation? Unfortunately for UMNO , Najib’s subservience will only expose Mahathir to more ridicule and scorn, thus corroborating the constant refrain that they are shielded from accountability.
  UMNO owes it to the nation to come clean on these charges and reveal the names of the dubious characters who dared to threaten and coerce a constitutional functionary from doing a good job.

Attacking Malaysia’s most loved politician Anwar an act of cowardice taunting him with abuse and the filthiest of language. readmore Anwar must be booted out UMNO and Najib faced with a cruel but unavoidable existential dilemma

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