Friday, November 7, 2014

Who’s Afraid of Anwar?

The curtain has come down on what has been, perhaps, the most audacious — short-sighted? self-serving? What indeed is a hole in the soul? It is a feeling of inadequacy, of something vital missing from life. Very often a realisation of this gap causes a great restlessness till we figure out how to mend it. And yes, different things work for different people. All holes are not the same size and dimension, and each needs a different solution to fix it. Each of us has our own compulsions, our dreams, our purpose and goals; some things that make us wildly happy. A realisation of this and walking the path towards these is the only way to start feeling peaceful, calm and purposeful.    

.Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim claimed that lead prosecutor Tan Sri Dr Muhammad Shafee Abdullah had threatened to "put the nail on my coffin".He said, as a lawyer, Shafee should not have behaved in such manner as it was not professional."He is just too arrogant. He is here as a prosecutor and not as a political nemesis" said Anwar outside the Palace of Justice in Putrajaya.Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah repeated today the prosecution’s intention to seek a jail term of longer than five years for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim upon conviction for Sodomy II.
Shafee, who led the prosecution team during the eight-day appeal hearing that ended this afternoon, pointed out that if found guilty, it would be Anwar’s second conviction for sodomy.
“Right now, we are asking for more than five years,” he told reporters when met outside the Federal Court here.
“We will see whether it is a coffin or not,” he added, in reply to a remark made by Anwar moments earlier.
The Opposition Leader, when asked by reporters after this afternoon’s proceedings, had exuded confidence when asked what he thought his chances were, even pointing out that, “I am not in the coffin. There is no nail.”
Shafee also insisted today that Sodomy II was not a politically-motivated case against Anwar.
He said the case is just one that involves a politician.Gobind says that there were attempts to connect 'Male Y' to Anwar.
The High Court held that since Anwar was the sole occupant of the cell, Male Y must be him, he says.
He adds that somebody else could have access to those items.
"It is a finding based on sole occupancy, but if there is a person with direct access to the cell, then how," he asks.
Sangeet suggests that the person who possessed the “allele 18" could be the perpetrator.
She concludes that the trial judge was right in initially not admitting the three items retrieved from the cell i.e. the mineral water bottle, toothbrush and towel.
"Without these items there is no link to Anwar and this leads to the question who is 'Male Y'," she says.
 Sangeet says the police became desperate when Anwar did not allow his specimen to be taken and this led them to possibly use questionable means.Now, Ram submits on the issue of penetration.
He says there is no medical evidence to suggest previous encounters.
He (Shafee) was just giving a statement from the bar, says the defence lawyer.
"Previous encounter should not be taken into consideration that penetration did take place," he adds.
What is important, he says, is that four doctors (one from Pusrawi) and three from HKL said there was no penetration.
Shafee had pointed to Saiful's testimony that Anwar ejaculated inside his anus "as always".GOPAL MAKES MINCE MEAT OF SHAFEE: Brioni suit, curry puffs & 'flying' carpet - where are the evidence?
 Gopal says Shafee had criticised Anwar for saying it is a conspiracy and he (Anwar) should be forgiven as Anwar had been charged with a similar offence with a person who had provided questionable testimony in 1998.

Optimistic about the Federal Court upholding the conviction, government-appointed prosecutor Muhammad Shafee Abdullah insists on securing a heavier sentence for opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.The Soul of the World, Scruton contends the lens of science alone is not adequate to capture the elusive transcendent dimension of reality.that highest forms of human experience and expression tell the story of a deeply-anchored 

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