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Did Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah sodmise Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim abetted by Chief Justice

In reaching these conclusions the Federal court rejected or ignored the evidence that raised serious doubts about the reliability of so-called independence evidence and the credibility of the complainant," said Queen's Counsel, Mark Trowell. court rejected or ignored the evidence that raised serious doubts about the reliability of so-called independence evidence and the credibility of the complainant," said Queen's Counsel, Mark Trowell
Trowell described as "superficial" the court's acceptance of Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan's testimony, and recalled the affair Saiful had had with a member of the prosecution team There appears to be a hell of a lot of DRILLING going on in the Palace of Justice. And with the Chief Justice illegally marrying a second wife in Thailand and then destroying the evidence to escape prosecution, like our Member of Parliament from Sabah, it makes one wonder how they even have enough time to prepare for the court cases.


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Everyone knows Pattail got promoted to AG 
For his role in Anwar’s case for sodomy
Mahathir purposely brought him
To stop and kill Anwar Ibrahim
They now trying to do the same scenario
Najib,Rosmah and Mahathir bastards, the trio
Trying, again to do it all over
But round one went to Anwar’s favour
The judges have become brave and daring
Saying enough is enough to your raping
Of the court and the judiciary
With your repeated cases of sodomy

The scope of the Attorney-General’s powers in Malaysia has long been a subject of debate and controversy. He is the chief legal adviser to the government and is responsible for advising ministers involved in legal proceedings in their official capacity
Our AG is a useless crony being used by the UMNOist to defend their corrupted members and to persecute the innocence. He had shown he lack credibility and being bias to certain cases. Fabrication is one of his specialities. Talking cock is another. Have you read the Unholy Trinity ?
In a speech lasting nearly two hours, the judge read from case notes and pointed out key events in the case.
“What was needed to be proved is a prima facie case, credible evidence to ingredient of offence, whether Saiful was a credible witness” said Mohamad Zabidin.
“It was not surprising defence had tried to paint a picture of Saiful as someone who has zero credibility. With greatest respect, I find this irrelevant. Saiful followed instructions of accused after incident, did not immediately lodge police report. He was given preferential treatment in the office, compared to senior colleagues. Saiful is a young man, not just any employee but personal assistant to the accused.”
“I find Saiful’s evidence remains intact. I find him to be a good, true witness, evidence is reliable, if accepted can be used. After finding Saiful credible, not affected by failure to run away or not report, the question is whether opportunity for the act to take place.”
“I find accused and complainant at crime scene, opportunity for crime to take place. (Tne) chemist’s evidence shows swabs taken from Saiful. These swabs confirmed presence of semen. All three doctors testified positively, conclude there was penile penetration.  I find nothing inconsistent with doctors’ findings.”
“I find nothing inconsistent with doctors’ findings. The other crucial evidence is DNA evidence. The accused was the last occupant in cell before towel, mineral water bottle, toothbrush was taken for DNA sampling.”
Shafee said the sustained cadence of political conspiracy was a “convenient way of hoodwinking the public into supporting the idea”.He also took to task Malaysian Bar president Christopher Leong, who issued a statement saying Anwar’s conviction was one of political persecution, and not a criminal one.

What the defense said
To Anwar’s lawyers, it was clear the Judge only saw what he wanted to see and ignored all the rest. They pointed out that initially Anwar was initially charged for ‘raping’ Saiful in that there was physical compulsion involved.
Yet, it is impossible for the 64-year old and frail Anwar to physically force Saiful, who is a well-built 6-footer and the charge was quickly and controversially amended to consensual although Saiful has stuck to saying Anwar had compelled him. Saiful also never explained why, if it was not consensual, did he not run away from Anwar.
“The judge just skirted around the conflicts in the issue. He also talked about Saiful’s character and yet somehow forgot about Saiful’s romance with Farah Azalina, the deputy public prosecutor, during the trial and how they kept the romance secret from the court. Is a man who two-timed his fiancee with a newly-met DPP a man with good character?” one the defense team told Malaysia Chronicle. 
“The judge talked about the Hospoital Kuala Lumpur doctors’ report and how the doctors agreed there was penetration. He does not mention the initial HKL report had denied any penetration at all. The judge also never took into account the doctor’s testimony from the Pusrawi Hospital, which again clearly states no penetration. He never mentioned at all why the prosecution refused to allow the Pusrawi doctor to testify.”
“As for the toothbrush, mineral water bottle and towel, did the judge remember that even he himself had rejected them as sampling items for DNA matching because they were illegally taken from Anwar and the samples were kept for days in the Investigating Officer’s drawer before being sent to the Chemistry De[partment. This would surely have caused degradation. How can such unreliable samples be allowed? Then the judge completely ignores the DNA analysis sheets which showed the presence of DNA belonging to more than two men in Saiful’s anus. Five unidentified male DNA was found. Yet, the judge completely ignores this factor. How can such a thing happen unless either Saiful was a sex maniac or DNA was planted on the swabs.”
 The court also ignored Saiful's meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and senior policemen days before the alleged incident, adding that all this showed "prospect of collusion against Anwar".
Trowell also cited Australian forensic experts David Wells and Brian McDonald who had voiced concern over the DNA evidence used in Anwar’s case.
“Each expert was also critical of how the government chemists interpreted the results, given the known history of the samples,” he said.
Queen's Counsel, Mark Trowell.
“It is my view that, if the court had proper regard to the facts and the law, Anwar Ibrahim should never have been convicted.” - See more at:

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