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Shafee's private pirate armouries at Khairy Jamaluddin's disposal

How good a rater do you think Shafee is ?

  Shafee is UMNO's weapon, is all. And weapon will be discard when it is no longer useful. His day of redemption will come. It has been decided that Anwar must be put inside so it was less to do with the so- called the genius of Shafee Abdullah. Shafee had the judges in black holel. Brilliant lawyer of the Perry Mason kind. He is also capable of wtiting the judgment.Shortee Shafee with the goatee, is only a publicity seeker with a chip on his shoulder. There is no case to answer, except for a very compliant judiciary. Shortee Shafee with the goatee will surely like to claim credit where NO credit is due to him. Except for the Shameful five, the case would have been thrown out. Anyway, let him go on his shameless character assassination of DSAI. It will backfire. They just want to work out the cliche of Herr Goering,
Genius? Let's see how shall I put it. Okay, here goes. It would have made no difference which lawyer prosecuted the case - even that feller involved in the TBH case - DSAI would still be convicted. Shafee is being modest by boasting about his achievement. The real genius plan by him and his master is actually to get him to do the "dirty job", so to speak: prosecute the case representing the state, and then go around tarnish Anwar as a private citizen after retiring from the case. A civil servant who prosecutes the case would not be proper to tell porn, genius my foot. everyone knows his lousy submission to the fed court had nothing to do with anything.a genius will not go around beating his chest as if he has done a great service to mankind. He had nothing to do with the winning the case as it was well decided that Anwar should be eliminated before the next GE. Simple my watson so said Sherlock Holmes.

Shafee calls Anwar's jailing "If he did it (sodomy)  and people say we need to investigate and get him, that is a conspiracy that is against the law,""If  Anwar did it and people say we need to investigate and get him,conspiracy that is against the law,"readmore last Shafee Abdullah agreed and said it is a Legal conspiracy

Anwar's imprisonment a aggravated pimping in Malaysian Judiaciary The downfall of UMNO Shafee abdullah  in GE 14
The judiciary should hold him for contempt for his disclosure of camera evidence but... Judiciary under Umno? Genius? Let's see how shall I put it. Okay, here goes. It would have made no difference which lawyer prosecuted the case - even that feller involved in the TBH case - DSAI would still be convicted.the highest court in the land whose reputation, professionalism, competence and integrity has been compromised, so as to make it a laughing stock of the judicial world.It clearly reflects the sad state of affairs of this minority government clinging to power by orchestrating the false conviction of the leading opposition figure of the country.Najib"Can you name one foreign government, one international human rights organisation, one international newspaper, one foreign think-tank, or one overseas academician who agrees with the decision - and who concurs with your assertion that the verdict was the just conclusion of an independan independent judiciary?"  Najib confided that it was God who had ordained 
 the ugly corruption of  Attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail office

To the five judges,a sadomasochistic “romantic chew on the above statement, and isn't it a slap on your faces? drawing gobsmacked audiences, but the transcripts of the DSAI Judgement, perhaps, make for far more interesting reading.saw his political career crash spectacularly when he was accused of sexually assaulting readmore Anwar's imprisonment the five judges and Shafee Haramjadah God’s chosen messenger for an independent judiciary?
Shafee's foreplay" Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan. got into graphic details including "pincheing Saiful's nipples".Details of the sex act was never heard in open court. Saiful's testimony on it was given in camera during the trial.
By: H H The Dalai Lama
Whether or not you believe in life after death, this life should be something meaningful for you; the way you spent time should make you feel genuine satisfaction. If you use time cheating and bullying, you might get some sort of satisfaction but that would be very short-lived — for, in the long run, even a non-believer gets some sort of doubt; you feel some sort of uneasiness.…That’s why I am saying, only do those things that give you deep satisfaction. That’s living a meaningful life.
So how to make your life more meaningful? First, we should think… all sentient beings experience pleasure and pain (although some are debating about whether plants have feelings). All sentient beings wish to be happy. Because of the power of intelligence, human beings have much better ability to avoid suffering. In the meantime, somehow, that very intelligence is also the source of problems.
There’s too much stress. The more educated you are, the more expectations you have (and others have of you), your hopes and fears too are intensified because of memory and intelligence. Animals have less expectation, they deal with immediate threats.
We should use our intelligence in such a way that it is a source of happiness, not as aggravator of anxiety and stress. Real happiness comes from within and not from money and knowledge. Pay more attention to common experience, common sense and then go deep inside the mind and realise that compassion brings us all together.… When we learn from one another, it becomes the basis of genuine harmony.

Has Khairy Jamaluddin murdered Anwar by badmouthing assaulted with a torrent of filthy, vile abuses The Prime Minister did little to stem the rot, refused to censure members of parliament on grounds of communalism and hate speeches, 

 No faith in the judiciary and 
   Shafee, that the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. mentioned in one of his Hadiths, that out of ten lawyers/judges, only three will qualify for Jannah, the other seven do not. So take care from now: Seek pardon and forgiveness from those whom you are dzalim 
Controversies are tedious. They succeed in boring people out of their minds; especially those needless controversies espoused by radical elements for cheap publicity with a despicable agenda of suppressing the citizen’s voice. Anwarhas fallen victim to the political trap.
If Shafee had won the case on merits and convincingly then why the need for Shafee to go on a road show to convince Malaysians.
 Malaysians smart to know that it was a Kangaroo court verdict ? Similarly Malaysians also did not accept the Altantuya murder verdict ? So the courts cannot take Malaysians for a ride.
Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin said the youth  going on a nationwide road show - See more at:
the jokes at the Anwar Roast were filthy and excessively obscene.going on a nationwide road I am not justifying roast sessions where expletives are spouted every five seconds in front of a large audience. Nevertheless, with the spirit of provoking laughter, the organisers and the participants of the  Anwar Roast should be entitled to express their sense of humour in the manner they creatively choose to.
Vazeer, a former practising lawyer before being made a judge, said he agreed that deliberate abuse of power by those holding a public office was misfeasance in public office.
readmore Critics of the Federal Court’s decision says Sodomy2 was scripted by Idiotic Shafee Abdullah

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