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25 BN parliamentarians to support the no-confident motion after the Conference of Rulers has decreed

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To understand her contribution to Najib's fall

Rosmah and Najib now

The ground beneath her feet

25 BN parliamentarians to support the no-confident motion to force Najib to step down.  after the Conference of Rulers has decreed 

Rulers want 1MDB probe wrapped up, wrongdoers punished

The Conference of Rulers has decreed that the probe into 1MDB be completed as soon as possible and the wrongdoers, if any, be punished.

"The findings of this probe must be reported in full and transparently so the people can be convinced of the government's sincerity that it would never hide the facts and the truth.

"Failure to give an explanation and satisfactory answers may cause a confidence crisis," read the sultans' statement issued by the Keeper of the Rulers' Seal, Syed Danial Syed Ahmad.

"As a result the rakyat believe, either as reality or perception, that it is one of the main reasons which influenced the ringgit's sharp downfall, which has given a negative impact on the country's financial market and economic climate while affecting the world's view of Malaysia" they added.

In the joint statement as reported by Bernama, the Malays Rulers also asked all responsible parties to give their full cooperation so that the purpose of the investigation is fulfilled.

They said if the 1MDB issue is not dealt with intelligently and continues to drag on, it will damage the economy and the people's welfare.

They fear it may even cause public unrest.

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that 1MDB funds had made its way into Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's personal accounts.

Najib, however, denies any wrongdoing or that he had used 1MDB funds for personal gain.also read this
Pakatan Harapan component party leaders (from left), DAP's Lim Kit Siang, PKR president Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Parti Amanah Negara president Mohamad Sabu and PKR deputy president Mohamed Azmin Ali at the roundtable discussion last month where the opposition pact was formalised. The parties disagree on the move to file a no-confidence motion in Parliament against the prime minister. – The Malaysian Insider pic, October 6, 2015.
Najib's supporter-turned-staunch critic, former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had also urged BN federal lawmakers to throw their support behind a no-confidence motion
"urgent" social and economic re-engineering and the NCC2 should look at the following "critical issues":
1) Constitutional reforms;
2) Electoral reforms;
3) Economic reforms-affirmative action, role of government;
4) National unity and the social contract;
5) Preserving and strengthening the integrity of the federation; and
6) Institutional integrity – checks and balances between various branches of government and within the government itself.
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Najib X-files reveal he was implicated in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaaribuu

 Can Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail a leopard can change his spots

Speak the truth and shame the devil - 27 million Malaysians are anxiously waiting for his expose.

The basic structure doctrine, propounded at a time when the government of Najib was threatening to undo the foundations of democracy chiefly by clipping the wings of an independent judiciary, has become a clarion call for constitutionalism and the rule of law in Malaysia
Over time it has been used sparingly, thereby ensuring that difficult questions about its legitimacy and theoretical basis are not constantly asked. The imminent judgment is a bellwether of whether such a trend of judicial restraint in applying the basic structure doctrine will continue.

An indelible stain on Malaysia's legal systems

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) this morning reported the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) having initiated a probe into allegations of money laundering related to the debt ridden 1MDB.
the detention of Umno former leader Khairuddin Abu Hassan this week having stopped him from travelling to the US to meet with the FBI.
With a number of probes into money laundering related to the scandal-ridden 1MDB, the prime minister potentially faces arrest abroad, "If he leaves the country, he may be arrested," said the long-serving former PM 

He said Najib may be able to evade investigation into the scandals surrounding 1MDB that are being investigated overseas, but not abroad.
"Laws abroad are now different from before. If a crime takes place here, the laws here apply.
"But if (the crime) involves other countries, the other countries have the power (to take action)," he said.
"Right now, in Switzerland, UK, US ...(there is already a money laundering probe). They have a right to issue a summons for the Interpol to arrest him (if cause is established).

when AG Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali said in any culpable manner in need he is admiting that Najib is implicated but not physically involved  in the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaaribuu

Whether the basic structure doctrine heralds constitutional stability in Pakistan or provides the kernel for judicial usurpation of power is a script that the judges of the apex court will write. In writing it, as in incorporating it, they will be cognizant of experiences 

Independence of the judiciary is best secured not by insulating it through judicial diktat, but by strengthening democratic institutions. the product of a democratic movement that stressed the supremacy of the rule of law.
 there is a prevalent view both within the judiciary and large sections of the legal fraternity that independence of the judiciary is best secured by vesting the focal power of appointment with judges. The collegium experiment was founded on such a view, confident that judges selecting their brethren would lead to more competent and independent candidates being chosen.But as two decades of its cliquish functioning demonstrates, this view was idealistic at best and naïve at worst. Justice  is trenchant: “The Constitution does not end (it certainly did not begin) with the Judges.” 
Just expose what exactly former attorney-general (AG) Abdul Gani Patail divulged to you that was 'crystal clear'
Was  Abdul Gani Patail  referring to 1MDB monies that went in circles and a portion of which ended in Najib's personal accounts? Or maybe Gani was referring to the RM42 million transferred from SRC International into the premier's accounts? I am inclined to think that it was the latter since to date Najib has remained silent with no explanation offered.

Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail should come out and clarify the issues surrounding 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), former Special Branch deputy director Datuk Abdul Hamid Bador said, as the ex-attorney general appeared to have gone “silent” after his removal from office
Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail as become pure due to impartial introspection and acceptance of his weaknesses, will experience extraordinary silence, peace, fearlessness and joy within. The seed of deep yearning for liberation will sprout; his life will evolve and become filled with the Divine.Rare though these examples may be, they are admirable and inspiring. Most of the time, such a shake-up happens only after a big shock or a momentous moment of self-assessment when you look at yourself from outside, and hate what you see.
The news came amid an investigation into alleged scandals at 1MDB.
Gani was then one of the four members of a high-level task force probing into allegations of financial wrongdoing, as well as claims that money flowed through 1MDB-linked entities before ending up in the personal accounts of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.
The special task force, however, had been disbanded.
“What has happened to you Tan Sri? Some quarters said Tan Sri was threatened... As if you have some sort of scandal that can be used to discredit you,” Hamid said in the letter.
“Come on Tan Sri!!! What is a small personal scandal, even if there is such, when compared with the horrific impact the 1MDB fiasco has unto the nation.
“People will easily forgive you. Come out and make a stand. All this while you are idolised as a tough fighter among civil servants. Why all of a sudden you become so timid? What have they done to you? (Remember) Allah SWT will protect you sir,” he said, adding that he always believed in Gani’s integrity.
Hamid said he still remembered Gani’s words during their last meeting days before the former A-G was sacked.
“Hey look... this difficult decision that I have made is not about toppling the government. I am not interested in politics. I am just doing my job,” Hamid said of Gani’s words.

Attorney-general (AG) Mohamed Apandi Ali, all the claims you made to exonerate Najib Abdul Razak from this murder case are, unfortunately, false.
Irrefutable facts fly in the face of your patently dishonest claims that Najib was never implicated in the trial, all relevant witnesses were called to testify, and every piece of evidence subjected to intense scrutiny.
This was most vividly demonstrated in the court drama on Day 10 of the trial (June 29, 2007) when the victim Altantuya Shaariibuu’s cousin Burmaa Oyunchimeg stunned the court with the shocking revelation that her cousin showed her a photo of Abdul Razak Baginda, Altantuya and Najib taking a meal together.
In a scene that could only occur in a Malaysian court, both the prosecutor and the defence lawyer jumped to shut Burmaa up from testifying further along this line - with the concurrence of the judge.
Only days earlier (Day 7, June 6), a similar incidence occurred, when a Mongolian witness told the court that immigration entry record of Altantuya and her two Mongolian companions were mysteriously erased. At the insistence of both the prosecution and the defence, this piece of evidence was expunged.
Where in the democratic world can you see the prosecutor, defence lawyer and the judge working in unison against the interests of the victim’s family by blocking crucial evidence that could have incriminated the culprit?
That the entire criminal judiciary system had been heavily manipulated in this trial was evident even before the trial started, when all the three parties - prosecutors, defence lawyers and the judge - were replaced without explanation before hearing commenced.also read this Questions for AG’s Chambers a moment for Judiciary in Malaysia Crazy, stupid, comedy

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