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Jewish and Najib hands Coincide when weak Najib running for cover

Multiple probes in Malaysia and sparked investigations in the US, Switzerland and Hong Kong.
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The unusual happenings in Malaysian politics will hopefully results in new environments and situation in Malaysian political facets. As much believed by people with high thoughts and believes the worst of situation that we are in now should be followed with huge blessings.

 Mahathir rubbished this explanation.
"There was never any explanation as to who the donor was, where the source of the wealth came from, the banks involved and other details.
"This claim (that the money was a donation) does not make sense," he said.
Mahathir reiterated that the general election would not require such a large sum.
"If it is for the party to buy nasi lemak or drinks or to rent cars like in the past, this sum (RM2.6 billion) is several hundred times more than what is needed.
"But if it is to bribe leaders and MPs with millions each, if it is to bribe officers to cheat, then there is a good likelihood that RM2.6 billion is needed," he said.
On the the  1MDB money 

 law, state of the economy, the reforms process, and the bureaucracy. 
 cautioned against seven deadly sins that are injurious to our lives. 
First, wealth without work —as in bribery, black marketing, ill-gotten wealth — creates socioeconomic problems and generates more unhappiness than joy. 
Second, pleasure without conscience. Unchecked indulgence in sensual pleasures causes distress. Pleasures need to be regulated and filtered through our conscience and sense of social responsibility. Third, knowledge without character. Intellectual development without character-building makes us devoid of good values. Knowledge should be coupled with true humility.
Fourth, commerce without morality. It never leads to sustainable business. Commerce must be based on trust and collaboration together with sustainable practices.
The fifth deadly sin is science without humanity. How we use technology determines whether it is good or bad. Sixth, religion without sacrifice. Every religion prescribes sacrificing attachment to worldly things. Selfishness is the root cause of all evil. Practice of religion is futile without service to humanity and other species, for such service expands the Self.

Last but not the least, the seventh sin is politics without principle. The ideal of doing politics only for public welfare and common benefit is something that needs to be upheld and practised in order to ensure maximum benefit to everyone. If only we make the effort to practise some of this ideals, we might actualise the dream of an egalitarian society.

Khairuddin an Umno member had lodged complaints against 1MDB in Switzerland, France, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. pointed out that the police also appeared to be prevaricating between allegations of offences under Section 124C of the Penal Code and then under Sections 124K and 124L.The Malaysian Bar is perturbed by the arrest and detention of Khairuddin, a politician and vocal critic of 1MDB,raises serious concerns over the credibility of the investigations. Police investigations cannot be based on surmise or conjecture

The Malaysian state investment fund at the centre of an international corruption scandal has failed to file its accounts on time.1 Malaysia Development Berhad blamed the delay on a lack of access to documents held by investigators.

The fund said it was given permission by the companies regulator to miss the September 30 deadline, adding that two of its subsidiaries also wanted to submit their accounts late.

The 1MDB affair has rocked Malaysia, Southeast Asia’s third-largest economy, and prompted a campaign by both the opposition and Mahathir Mohamad, the influential former prime minister, to oust Mr Najib.The premier and 1MDB have denied allegations that almost $700m linked to the fund was paid into a bank account in his name. Mr Najib says the money came from an unnamed Middle East donor.

Edra Energy and 1MDB Real Estate subsidiaries were seeking an extension to their account filing deadlines for “further clarifications” and input from “additional third-party documents” as a result of official investigations and media reports. Edra is being examined by four shortlisted bidders in a quick auction of more than $2bn of energy assets that is aimed at cutting 1MDB’s debt pile of more than $11bn.Ipic, the Abu Dhabi state wealth fund, is investigating what happened to at least $1.4bn that was reported in previous 1MDB financial statements as being paid to it — but was never recorded as received in Ipic’s own accounts.

Critics said the delay was the latest example of a lack of transparency in the face of a large debt burden and allegations of misappropriation of funds that have also engulfed Najib Razak, Malaysia’s prime minister. Both 1MDB and Mr Najib have denied wrongdoing.
“Such complete disregard for timely regulatory compliance demonstrates 1MDB’s contempt for good corporate governance and financial accountability,” said Tony Pua, an opposition MP who was barred from travelling outside Malaysia after he raised questions about the fund.

 with the Swiss authorities  sharing of information and cooperating availed of this opportunity can now sleep well and once under the automatic exchange agreement we get information about anybody holding assets (illegally), and has not declared it, the penal provisions will apply. In any case, there is a major success of the black money law — flight of capital from Malaysia cannot take place now. It is a very powerful deterrent. It will become very difficult for people having (undisclosed) assets abroad to hide their footprints. E-commerce is a reality. Payment gateways, payment banks will encourage more and more transaction through plastic money and that will make transactions transparent. 

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Chief Executive Officer and Director General, Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia said Najib need to pay tax on RM2.6bTotal tax and penalty is- RM980,200,000. since Najib did not declare this income,

The monitoring system of the Income Tax department has been powerfully strengthened. GST  be an important step. So the nature of economy that we are trying to grow will make banking transactions and plastic currency transactions more transparent. Najib's comments on the subject extremely immature.In relation to the number of steps he has taken for foreign assets and also domestic black money can UMNO recollect one step in the last 10 years? 

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