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Najib's Greasy palms and sticky fingers :Najib walks the talk on corruption

The real cost of a bribe

 We seem to have utterly resigned to the ways of our corrupt ruling elite and our electoral behaviour suggests that we are convinced of the virtues of our bipolar polity which revolves around two political fronts which have become mirror images of each other. Even the sort of search for alternative politics 
‘It looks like the lady has finally drawn her sword and is flexing her muscles.

The beastly business of identity politics Sacred cow, profane politics beyond the karmic and the dharmic, valid arguments What then are our fond preferences and deepest apprehensions about? There was a time when it almost sounded like a truism that Malays somehow hates excellence and is in love with mediocrity. The Malays stenographer crawling along the corridors of power in the national capital was perceived by many as a prototype. 

So Prime Minister Najib has finally spoken! In the aftermath of 1MDB’s Arul confirms Sarawak Report expose In a democracy everyone has the right to speak their mind.but is it too little, too late for Najib ?
The phrase ‘knowingly or recklessly making a false statement' is interesting. Let's bear this in mind.
Bank Negara has revoked three permissions previously granted to 1MDB under the Exchange Control Act 1953 (ECA) for investments abroad totalling US$1.83 billion (about RM7.5 billion at the current exchange rate). All right, that is pretty clear.The AG notwithstanding has absolute discretion in either to charge or not, though his discretionary decision can only be exercised judicially and not based on whimsical basis. The rulers must be kept engaged and informed of this gross derelict of statutory duty.
Bank Negara has investigated 1MDB under the ECA for knowingly or recklessly making a false statement. That is also pretty clear.And in such crisis, Najib still wants to hand out another billion ringgit worth of BR1M, so that the people will be endeared to him. Tengku Razaleigh revealed that nearly RM10million is given out monthly to 192 Umno Division leaders with each pocketing RM50,000. Najib goes on to buy a new executive jet that even US President Obama would be jealous of.
Billions of ringgit worth of projects are systematically given out to cronies without proper tender exercises while his family is on a buying spree of properties worth millions of US dollars outside the country, and even financed a USD100million movie.

the phrase ‘knowingly or recklessly making a false statement' also refers to claiming of receipt of funds from a fictitious party or the presenting of such a fictitious party in a document purporting to identify the source of the funds?This is an absolute abuse of power. Indeed, money laundering is the proper term. Freeze the accounts of all those crooked people involved in the crooked dealings of 1MDB, including its adviser/PM/Finance Minister.
The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) should investigate the AG and his chambers for abuse of power. Now you can see why Switzerland, Britain, Hong Kong, Singapore and United States have started their investigations,here is the simple truth. Bank Negara has no choice but to act within the powers vested them. Bank Negara governor Zeti Akhtar Aziz is a highly regarded central bank chief internationally.
If nothing is done, especially with all the evidence it (Bank Negara) possessed, the whole banking system would be affected, which in turn might drive the financial system into uncharted territory.
Now everyone is waiting and watching what the Attorney-General's Chambers would do or won't do. What is staggering is that how one person can cause such a crisis and paralyse the entire political and government machinery?
There are so many things gone wrong in Malaysia. It will take a major political upheaval and perhaps decades of REAL change to have a honest government, independent and fair judiciary, police force and political system. I believe majority of Malaysians are REAL decent folks ( honest, diligent and respectful of race and religion) who wants REAL change in their beloved country, MALAYSIA.1MDB is without doubt - a vehicle to divert Malaysians’ hard-earned money to fund personal accounts, lavish life-styles, political funding, etc. All the major players ( especially Jay/Jho Low) involved in the illegal fund transfer have gone missing/hiding overseas. Why RUN when you have nothing to hide? 2.6 billion in PM’s personal bank account is not donation but 100% corruption. Any other explanation are all LIES.
The 6 months requested for 1MDB to put their house in order is another delaying tactic to keep investigators away until all the money trail is hidden. Until now, Jay/Jho Low’s role in 1MDB and the illegal money transfer to his company is never mentioned. Fortunately, we have the Sarawak Report
( credit to Clare) and the Edge to expose all these illegal activities.
The new AG, Apandi has rushed to clear 1MDB despite BNM’s findings ( full credit to Zeti) that there was clear basis for criminal prosecution. We will assume he has been “BOUGHT OVER” by the corrupt Najib regime until proven otherwise.
The Police ( especially the IGP ) are also assumed to have been “BOUGHT OVER” with their harassment of MACC officers, arrest of Khairuddin and Mathias Chang under SOSMA, etc. The failed IGP’s trip to Bangkok to interview Justo is malu big-time!
MACC remains a small beacon of hope if they are willing to press charges against Najib for the corrupt practices.
The Conference of Rulers decree is timely as even they “tak boleh tahan” on what’s happening in their country and clearly, the rakyat is suffering. The Johor royalty deserve the biggest credit for speaking out truthfully and for the sake of the people.
With this revelation, they would definitely know that they are in the right direction. They should now freeze the accounts of whoever was involved with these crooked dealings in their own countries.
Money laundering is a serious offence. If left to proliferate, it could make a nation bankrupt as it could affect the property and stock markets by way of eroding the confidence of investors.
That is why the US and all those countries mentioned above are dead serious about it. What more when the PM of a country is involved.
the AG’s Chambers found the information furnished were in order. So, we need to know on what the grounds the AG’s Chambers made its findings.
Deputy solicitor-general I Abd Majid Hamzah, it is not enough for you to just say that there is no offence committed by 1MDB and no further action would be taken.
Unless you want to commit lPse-majest√© against our rulers, you have to reveal to the public the facts and the reasons for the AG’s Chambers to have come to that decision.
So when are you going to tell us why the AG's Chambers says no offence was committed by 1MDB?

Holding Parliament to ransom: The Alice in Wonderland politics of Najib

Call it the Najib paradox: the strength of his coalition depends largely upon on how weak he is as Prime Minister. The glue holds because he has no power over his partners . All the Prime Minister can do is smile and carry on. The smile is wearing thin.A helpless Prime Minister induces a hapless government. Drift, as the term indicates, is never in a hurry. A government can float a long way before someone realizes that it has lost direction. Drift does not threaten a government’s survival, but it saps the people’s patience.
The centre of gravity in any democracy is best measured by the credibility of its Parliament, an institution that fuses a core Puritan simplicity with a Catholic electoral horizon. There is position, represented by government. There is opposition. The space in between is occupied by debate. Socrates, famously, established democracy’s philosophical principles when he replaced competition with dialogue.
After five decades of experience, Malaysian democracy has come to a curious pass. A government insists on discussion over an opposition demand, and opposition rejects debate If you insist on judgment without discussion, what is left to discuss? The mordant joke doing the rounds is that Prime Minister Najib Razak will do anything to avoid speaking in Parliament
Prime Minister Najib Razak continues to believe that he is the Chosen One, and no one has the right to take that away from him. His argument is that he is a democratically elected leader while there is a high level conspiracy to topple him. Based on his conduct and performance for the last six years, everyone knows that he is no leader.
The country has been practically running on autopilot with his green horn lieutenants making a stinking mess and ridiculing our Federal Constitution. His brainchild 1MDB is up to its neck with RM42billion worth of debts, SRC borrowings of RM4billion from KWAP, Pembinaan PFI sitting on a RM26billion debtpile, RM4billion lost in one Mongolian mine investment, probably another RM160billion burnt up by Petronas in a Canadian LPG venture.
Lets not talk about the small blunders like NFC, Tabung Haji or the Edge’Financial disclosure that a group of Malaysians swindled billions from the country’s coffers and which got it suspended for a while.
Nearly a trillion ringgit has left the country, while Malaysia’s debt is around RM800billion. And all this is escalating in less than 6 yrs since Najib took power. Not only has the country become very much poor, but we are saddled with humongous debts that everyone knows that, we have no hope of repaying in our lifetime.
If the rich don’t migrate now, their children and ours will be the ones to pick up the pieces and service these debts. And right in the middle of this mess, we find that Najib has RM2.6billion in his personal bank accounts.
the phrase ‘knowingly or recklessly making a false statement' also refers to claiming of receipt of funds from a fictitious party or the presenting of such a fictitious party in a document purporting to identify the source of the funds?

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