Sunday, January 17, 2016

Analysing the analysis: Will the people stick with Najib in next GE?

The conspiracy theorist and the voters who could not take yes for an answer.Najib’s challenge today is that his biggest opponent today is none other than the memory of Najib 

 Najib can offer nothing very new. The speeches are still as powerful, but by now he has spoken on every subject Najib’s rule produced the achhe din (good days) promised during his election campaign?Now  corruption is rampant. But I distinguish between crony capitalism and political protection rackets. The former bestows monopoly profits on cronies. But if after paying up, the businessmen get no monopoly or abnormal profits,  the new AG becomes Najib’s protector, not predator

Do governments lie about the magnitude of economic problems Governments are unwilling to tell the truth about the magnitude of the economic problems, the lack of solutions and cost of possible corrective actions to the electorate.Politicians have taken regard of historian Simon Schama’s comment that no one ever won an election by telling voters it had come to the end of its “providential allotment of inexhaustible plenty”.. Ordinary people are complicit; refusing to acknowledge that maybe you cannot have it all.This was a wave. In retrospect the 2013 verdict was an enthusiastic splash. Neatness tends to descend quickly on elections once they are over. It becomes immediately clear to analysts as to what happened and why. And yet, this time around, the results are of such a scale that even the most determined television panelist might take a pause to process what has just happened for it confounds all expectations and makes all previous analyses look faintly ridiculous.There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration that may influence the results of the 14th general election, which has to be conducted on or before Aug 24, 2018, two months after the Parliament dissolves automatically on June 24.readmore Analysing the analysis: Will the people stick with Najib in next GE? 

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