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Dr M:aftershocks trembled through within UMNO’s top circles 37 separate charges against Najib, based on the same evidence.

When clever people come to power they often make a simple mistake. They think the rest of us are fools.
A crime is a crime. If we are required to ‘close one eye’ or ‘close both eyes’ towards crime, then why have laws in the first place? Why do we need the Police, the Courts or the AG? Just disband the Police, the Courts and let the AG go back to being in goodly spirits  Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar (pic, left), the portal reportedthat an article published in Malaysia Today last week, contained serious allegations against prominent personalitiese alleged by extension, on the ebullient , irrepressible, irreverent  the focus back on the autonomy,functioning and on th e legal structure of Police and other investigative agencies and even government’s prosecuting institutions. As is usual in such instances, the hapless investigating agency will be painted as the hand maiden of the ruling party, even when in reality that may not be the case, by those politicians who are the targets of its investigation., while we all know of big-ticket corruption  We have finally figured that politics is far too important to be left to thugs, scoundrels, scamps and scallywags.If all else fails, UMNO has one last option. said Mahathir  you’ve underestimated the power of our enforcement bodies like Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar to milk any order to their advantage, enforcement agencies who have the confidence of the people and are not seen as purchasable commodityread this Thick skin, Khalid Abu Bakar's Sedition law, threatens citizen's freedom

The Police continue to be rather aggressive in trying to uncover the sources of the leaks. And not actually trying to nab the lunatic on top of the pyramid, running this country to the ground just so his arse is saved… and I’m not sure if we’ll be able to stop this lunacy

Why we Malaysians are such suckers for crooked enforcement. What are the people in government doing?Police that’s supposed to protect whistleblowers across Mahathir questions the police's pursuit of whistleblower

read this Khalid Abu Bakar your crooked enforcement won’t clean Najib

Murdered Kevin Morais

Kevin  was indeed the key prosecutor on the case and he is believed to have been the source of the leak of the original charge sheets drawn up against Najib to this news portal. Morais also sent the contents of his laptop file on the investigation to a number of trusted confidants – these are now waiting to see if Malaysia’s own forces of law and order are going to do their job or if they will need to release the information separately.It makes for a difficult situation for Apandi and Special Branch are known to have been trawling the friends and relatives of Kevin Morais in an unsuccessful bid to secure the return of these sets of documents.Since these authorities seized the relevant laptop from Kevin’s flat shortly after he was abducted, they are also fully aware of just how much information was passed out by the whistleblower before he was silenced.  He himself had explained his motives in a series of emails to Sarawak Report at the time.  His sentiments included these words on behalf of those in the civil service trying to bring out the truth:

The real cost of a bribe 

Najib is blocked not by ground reality, but by ghosts in the mind. In the meantime, worry about the cost of a bribe.
Now the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has completed its investigation into the matter and placed a dossier on Apandi’s desk, which according to several sources, contains no less than 37 separate charges against Najib, based on the same evidence. Which bit of this enquiry report, spread over 336 pages, garnered from 201 witnesses, is beyond doubt, which is useful, and how many witnesses have spun out little gossamer tales hide truth in a silken web? The charges are at the heart of the notorious 1Malaysia Development Bhd. fund affair, in which billions of US dollars have disappeared into accounts held by Taek Jho Low, the youthful financier who helped Najib – 1MDB’s chief economic advisor – set up the fund in 2009. They also revolve around a mysterious US$681 million payment into Najib’s personal account at AMBank in 2013 and its subsequent withdrawal.The other major sticking point delaying Najib’s departure is the thorny issue of his criminal actions,” the story continued. “The Prime Minister knows the game is up, say insiders. With the economy in free fall and the country enmeshed in top-down corruption, he sees little glory either to be gained from hanging out for a further election win.”
Mr and Mrs brought religion onto their side in December. Rosmah is also a notorious practitioner of black magic.  Nevertheless they have spent New Year negotiating.

Money in Rosmah’s own frozen accounts in KL is also in the order of hundreds of unexplained millions, with plenty of stories in the wings relating to crony contracts and the exploitation of public funds.
The monster RM2.6 billion payment
 Mohamad Apandi Ali had taken the “unacceptable” decision to give safe haven for Najib's safe passage and  his stolen loot READ THIS Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali can reach decisions based on his perspectives and compulsions

The new Attorney General (AG)Mohamed Apandi may by now be wishing he had not taken the job.It is entirely within the logic of turbulent  that a dream run should be interrupted by a wake-up call. It might be pertinent to note, in this context, that dreams are best shaped into reality with the help of daylight. Among the dangers of darkness is that it obscures the bumps on that twisting road to power misuse  regeneration. 
Najib said to be negotiating for safe passage and stolen loot
Those who know Najib are aware that, as master of the long game,  Note the first substantive suggestion , as distinct from political verbiage that Najib government made in order to “punish” Ghani Patail unconstitutionally booted out by the Prime Minister in July for bringing forward charges based on the purloining of millions from the pension fund KWAP into Najib’s own private accounts.READ THIS Najib taming our deathly A-G office with Najib's puppet Mohamed Apandi Ali as A-G

the 1MDB investigation that showed the exact trail of the money: an original RM4 billion had been borrowed from the KWAP public pension fund by a subsidiary of 1MDB named SRC International Sdn Bhd. Between December 2014 and February 2015 a total of RM42 million was siphoned out of SRC through two intermediary companies controlled by 1MDB executive Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil (Gandingan Mentari Sdn Bhd) and Datuk Shamsul Anwar Sulaiman (Ihsan Perdana Sdn Bhd).

Morais, in an email to Sarawak Report, said “The police continue to be rather aggressive in trying to uncover the sources of the leaks. And not actually trying to nab the lunatic on top of the pyramid, running this country to the ground just so his arse is saved… and I’m not sure if we’ll be able to stop this lunacy.”

The information is said to include copies of the bank statements showing how RM42 million, which was passed into one of Najib Razak’s personal accounts from 1MDB, under the auspices of “Corporate and Social Responsibility” payments, was actually spent by the Prime Minister.Not only would such a secret private political donation by a foreign potentate have been illegal, but the money plainly ended up in Najib’s private foreign bank accounts, where much of it remains frozen in Singapore

The charges are said to have been prepared by Morais, whose body was put into a cement-filled oil drum in November and dumped into a river after his car was forced off the road and he was kidnapped. Attorney General’s office officials denied Morais had any role in the investigation. However, Morais, widely believed to be the original leaker to the Sarawak Report and other publications, put much of the information on a USB drive and sent it to his brother in Atlanta, Georgia and other trusted confidants.

Apandi is aware that this evidence has now been widely distributed and is known to all the top brass in UMNO, making a protracted cover-up extremely hard to achieve.These facts, now widely known within UMNO’s top circles, make a mockery of the lame and unsubstantiated excuse eventually provided by Najib that this was money donated by an anonymous Middle Eastern royal, who was supposedly in the habit of handing vast sums to friendly foreign politicians to assist in their elections.

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