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Najib taming our deathly A-G office with Najib's puppet Mohamed Apandi Ali as A-G

The effort relied heavily on the state investment fund Mr. Najib controlled, 1Malaysia Development Bhd., according to minutes from 1MDB board meetings seen by The Wall Street Journal and interviews with people who worked there.
A mistake becomes a mistake when the outcome of an action is different from what was intended and despite the efforts that were put in. Obviously a mistake happens when there was insufficient knowledge of the risks involved that will cause disaster. You planted oil palms in an area that later suffered serious flooding which destroyed the plantation.It was a mistake because you ignored a river running through the plantation. That would be a mistake. The Police, MACC and BNM will not investigate your mistake as a crime.A crime requires two elements : a niat jahat and then the actions necessary to carry out your niat jahat.  Mens rea to think up a crime and the actus rea to carry it out.
 The question is how many PMs before this
  • set up a company using taxpayers money.
  • got involved with dubious characters.
  • siphoned out money outside the country.
  • then brought it back disguised as ‘donations’.
  • broke their own Bank Negara rules.
  • fired the AG, fired the DPM, removed the head of the SB,  jailed people etc.
All those people were fired, removed, transferred, arrested, jailed  just for exposing a mistake? It is obvious that the people who say this was just a mistake are looking for favours. They are also criminals themselves.
A crime is a crime. If we are required to ‘close one eye’ or ‘close both eyes’ towards crime, then why have laws in the first place? Why do we need the Police, the Courts or the AG? Just disband the Police, the Courts and let the AG go back to being in goodly spirits.

Billions were stolen. Institutions destroyed. Elections rigged with stolen money. The AG removed. Bank negara silenced. PAC a hogwash and show. MACC stifled. Crooks and thieves walking around scott free. Apandi appointed overnight as the new AG. And he thinks he was appointed for his brains and his impartiality.

When Apandi was appointed as the AG to replace Gani, one of the first things he did was to immediately deny the existence of the draft charge sheet on the 42m SRC monies channeled into Najib"s personal accounts. That charge sheet was apparently drafted by Kevin Morais under instruction from Gani. The least Apandi could have done back then was to show some impartiality and verified the substance of the charge. Instead, the denial was swift and immediate on the ground that the charge did not follow the form adopted by the AG's chambers. Indeed it was dismissed primarily on the form as opposed to substance. Fast forward to today, can anyone in their right frame of mind now expect the AG to do a turnaround and hold that the charge on the 42m SRC monies can be substantiated? So what reverse psychology is the AG now talking about? This is an open and shut case which has been highlighted numerous times. For once Mr AG, if only you can do your job without fear or favour as much as you preach.

In other words, 1MDB has clearly stated its inability to comply with the BNM’s direction. 1MDB has failed to state whether it is willing to look at ways of repatriating the money. The way I read 1MDB’s statement is that it is nonchalant about the whole matter. “I have spent all the money and I don’t have the money anymore and so I can’t pay you.” That is in effect what 1MDB is saying.
There comes a tipping point in the destiny of a country after which people find it impossible to keep mum and stomach what they are being fed. When discomfort about the system gets to this level, trouble inevitably follows. Such a tipping point was reached in  Najib’s nerve centre,A-G office , this week, when a well-respected  Abdul Gani Patail was shunted out and kicked upstairs in what was perceived as a punishment posting, designed to belittle an officer with an impressive 20-year-old record of cracking some of the most challenging cases of our times.not going to rake up the controversy here, or go into the ‘real’ reasons for his public humiliation. But going by the outrage expressed by shocked Malaysians across social media, it is obvious that the sentiments of average citizens were deeply hurt by this political stunt. No valid explanation was offered by authorities, except for a weak statement by a bureaucrat who said the sudden step it was established that the RM2.6 billion “political donation” never made it into Umno’s accounts, tabled at the annual general assembly 
Najib’s personal income tax records should also be dug up, and compared with the RM2.6 billion which was transferred into his personal Ambank account.
“Ambank was fined RM50 million for a banking offence, but Najib, as the owner of the funds, was not fined anything as far as we know.also read this Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali the idiot and 1MDB scam that won’t die
Many prime ministers have come and gone since Najib  All of them have come short of taming our deathly A-G office Can you expect the country and the world to remain silent when the prime minister is found to have an unaccounted-for RM2.6 billion in his personal bank account just because the scandal is under investigation?

Mohamad Apandi Ali, a former United Malays National Organization state treasurer before being elevated to public prosecutor and then the judicial bench, was hurriedly drafted to replace the long-serving  Abdul Gani Patail in August just as Gani Patail reportedly was about to file charges against Najib for corruption. Apandi immediately denied that Kevin Morais was working on the case when he was abducted and murdered.The Attorney-General office,For months, Malaysian law enforcement has been wracked with attempts on the part of the Najib government to quell investigations into hundreds of millions of dollars that ended up in the prime minister’s personal account, then disappeared again, and by massive mismanagement of the troubled 1Malaysia Development Bhd. state-backed investment firm Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officials have been subjected to what has been called a scorched-earth campaign to discover who, if any of them, has been leaking information on the case. ‘Damage has already been done to his almost non-existent reputation.’read this Needed, intelligent Attorney-General not a first-rate hypocrite
It is said that in their darkest moments, American presidents look up at the image of Abraham Lincoln in the Oval Office and wonder what he would have done in their situation. A truly dark moment faces the nation in the form of the unfolding and unceasing Attorney-General strikes against The judiciary (also known as the judicial system or court system) is the system of courts that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state. The judiciary also provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes.
 read this So the good name of the Attorney-General's Chambers damaged is it so?
Attorney-General Tan Sri Mohamed Apandi Ali says he will study investigation papers on the RM2.6 billion political donation and SRC International according to the law. – The Malaysian Insider file pic, January 5, 2016.
 lest the oath is just reduced into mere formality that is forgotten as soon as it has been uttered.

Dr Mahathir wants Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali get to the real story
Apandi had earlier dismissed Bank Negara Malaysia’s report on 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), adding that the same would likely happen with MACC's recommendations 
under the scrutiny of American investigators a parade of inquiries at home and abroad into a sovereign wealth fund that he oversees,The inquiry, being run by a unit of the Justice Department that investigates international corruption, is focused on properties in the United States that were purchased in recent years by shell companies that belong to the prime minister’s stepson as well as other real estate connected to a close family friend A federal grand jury is examining allegations of corruption involving the Prime Minister, Najib Razak, and people close to him, On December 31, MACC deputy commissioner Datuk Seri Mohd Shukri Abdull said in a press statement that the agency had handed over investigation papers on the RM2.6 billion donation and SRC International after interviews with more than 100 people, including the alleged donor. MACC has been investigating SRC International over a RM4 billion fund. The RM2.6 billion donation was the subject of a separate probe, but Shukri said the investigation was not yet completed as only witnesses in Malaysia had been interviewed. He said MACC had yet to obtain documents and statements involving overseas financial transactions and that it was seeking the A-G’s help to procure these through mutual legal assistance. Najib, who is also finance minister, said the RM2.6 billion was a donation and that the transactions were above board.
One evening in April 1775, the English man of letters Samuel Johnson made a famous remark.”Patriotism,” he said, “is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”Johnson was criticising what he called false patriots – people who invoke the name of their country to advance their own political agenda.In America, we often refer to that kind of scoundrel as “people who wrap themselves in the flag.” It means people who pretend to do something for patriotic reasons or out of loyalty to their country when their real motives are selfish, and their real goal is their own personal and political gain.It means people who “play the patriot card” and try to diminish their opponents by suggesting they do not love their country, or are even traitors to it.Malaysians are no longer going to keep quiet. Even our Rulers who have spoken up.The Universiti Islam Antarabangsa (UIA) student asked how much more could Malaysians take in 

BNM's Akhtar Zeti Aziz is certain that there is enough evidence to charge Najib for flouting Financial Services Act and other banking laws but she is not brave enough to do so. She had since pushed the dirty job to the AG's Office and the matter just stopped in there. With Ambank fined RM53.7million, and ostensibly in relation to Najib's account, there is no reason why BNM is unable to take up the case against Najib
In the 1MDB matters, the BNM is the investigative authority. It has clearly completed its investigation. It then prepared an investigation paper and forwarded it to the Attorney -General. In this case, the Attorney-General has chosen not to follow the BNM’s recommendation for charges to be proffered against those responsible for the breaches of the ECA. The BNM asked for a review of the Attorney-General’s baffling and perplexing decision. The Attorney-General stuck to his decision and  bullheadedly declared that no offence had been committed.
That decision, in view of the BNM’s findings, is indeed perplexing. It makes a mockery of the investigative authority’s good work. While it is arguable that the Attorney-General does not have to explain the reason for his inaction, clearly his decision in this case, where the investigative authority has deemed it fit to even list out the breaches of the ECA publicly, demands scrutiny from the public and the Parliament. He must answer this mystery and explain himself.also read this Will the real special officer to the AG, Mabel Muttiah,stand up please
While taking into account the need to strike an optimal balance between transparency and confidentiality,Directing investigations and making legal views that are consistent with the best practices of accountability, transparency and humanitarianism 

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