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Zaid Ibrahim slaps Chief Justice Arifin Zakaria that shook the independent judiciary

Zaid Ibrahim believes Judges are meant to serve the people, criticising judges is not a crime 

"According to CJ we cannot call judges names. If they are heartless what do we call them? He is got it all wrong," he tweeted.Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim believes Chief Justice Arifin Zakaria erred in asking the public not to denounce judges as heartless and hurl insults at them without reading the judgments.
Judges are meant to serve the people, criticising judges is not a crime In a democracy the people are supreme and all authorities, whether Prime Minister or  Ministers,judges, legislators, bureaucrats, police, army and so on are servants of the people. Since the people are the masters and judges their servants, the people have a right to criticise judges just as a master has the right to criticise his servant"That's why we have had corrupt judges and coward judges

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The slap that shook the independent judiciary

the Attorney-General Office rout: Why the worst is yet to come

The Judges at the Federal Court cannot subject themselves to any kind of pressure fromNajib in power, human rights groups and governments across the world and the court of Malaysian public opinion. It must look at the evidence and deliver its judgement accordingly
Given the verdict delay, Malaysia’s political tea-leaf readers are trying to figure out what has been going on. It is widely assumed that the top court will take its cues from the leadership of the United Malays National Organization and Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak. It had been assumed that UMNO wanted Anwar jailed to eliminate a dangerous political rival. That may not be true any longer, given the complex political drama being played out within UMNO.
muhammad-shafee-abdullahShrugging off calls by UMNO lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah to charge her with contempt of court for criticising the Judiciary, activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said he should instead reflect if his statements against Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim have undermined the court system.
“I am not intimidated in the slightest by the call by Tan Sri Shafee for the A-G to charge me for contempt. I have no problems facing it if indeed it comes to pass that I am charged. Let the truth emerge,” she said in a statement to The Malaysian Insider today.
Shafee, who prosecuted for the government in Anwar’s sodomy appeal, was reported by Utusan Malaysia’s weekend edition as saying that Ambiga was wrong in saying that the Barisan Nasional (BN) had made a “terrible mistake” by jailing Anwar.
Such a statement had insulted the courts by implying that the Judiciary and BN, the coalition which is in federal power, were the same, Shafee told Mingguan Malaysia today.
“I suggest that the Attorney-General take action,” he was quoted as saying today.When such a remark is made, should we not answer? If we don’t answer, the people will believe it,” he told the UMNO-owned Malay daily.
ambiga-sreenevasanAmbiga critcises UMNO Shafee Abdullah
Ambiga had on Friday criticised Shafee for continuing to attack Anwar readmore last Shafee Abdullah agreed and said 
 the spectacular successes of the first episode where Abdul Gani Patail  single-handedly“fixed Anwar”and destroyed him .Mahathir prosecuted Anwar with Sodomy I; Najib lacks imagination and continues the trend, with Sodomy II.“Given this, it is remarkable that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has been
Malaysian Bar President Christopher Leongprosecuted and convicted twice for an alleged offence of sexual acts between adults wherein the charge does not contain elements of coercion. It is a strange world that we live in. These glaring anomalies fuel a perception that Anwar has been persecuted, and not prosecuted,” the Federal Court’s verdict. They said that Anwar’s case raises questions about the independence and fairness of Malaysia’s Judiciary, and the country’s Rule of Law Leong said in a statement in capital Kuala Lumpur reads this also readthis

The beheading of Najib's leverage' against Dr M,Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim on Final Judgment written by a Hindu convert to Islam

Anwar Ibrahim was persecuted, not prosecuted, says Malaysian Bar Council PresidentFederal Court Judges

"We must describe our leaders, including judges, accurately and with respect of course. But stop fudging, otherwise nothing will change," he added.
Zaid has also courted trouble for expressing anger over the Court of Appeal judgment in the conversion tussle involving K Pathmanathan@Mohd Ridhuan Abdullah and his ex-wife Indira Gandhi.
The former minister has been summoned by the police over his article that criticised the majority judgment that issues regarding Muslim conversion are exclusively the jurisdiction of the Syariah Court.
Indira had previously obtained a decision to quash the conversion certificates of her three children, which was done by her ex-husband without her knowledge.
Meanwhile, Zaid also zeroed in on Arifin's statement that Malaysian courts cannot adopt western human rights standard.
"How about using human as standard," said the ex-minister.
In his speech at the launching of the Legal Year in Kuala Lumpur, Arifin said the judiciary welcomed criticism.
He said while the judiciary welcomed criticism, the people should read the judgments before throwing brickbats.
"But they don't do that, as they call us names, like being heartless... That is uncalled-for as this is not criticism.
"That is running down the judiciary without reading the judgments," he added.

Many Malaysians have commented on the speed withJohn Malottwhich the government responded to the Federal Court’s verdict last Tuesday, in which the jurists found Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, guilty of sodomy and sentenced him to five years in prison.With DSAI safely tucked away in Sg Buloh, let us hope civility will prevail when those in power make statements to the media. There is no need for the Home Minister to show his fairness to all inmates of Sg Buloh by assuring that the peoples’ champion will not receive any special treatment. No one asked him for it anyway except of cos the international gambling kingpin languishing in US custody. Let’s hope too the police will refrain from needling those aggrieved by DS Anwar’s jailing. Do we have to agree with every decisions by a court? After all the men who sit as judges are mere mortals! In all sincerity may we Malaysians request that we be given a little democratic space to make use of our God-given intelligence responsibly. a wider canvas is alluring but deceptive. As was famously said of American democracy,
There are turning points in human history. One of the most poignant in Malaysia’s history is the beheading of Najib's leverage' against Dr M,Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim,Malaysians have been haunted by the tantalizing question: what would have been the course of our history. Malaysians today face a double whammy – we have been denied the leadership of a politician who has proven his mettle as a former deputy prime minister and later as Opposition leader. Meanwhile, another guiding light has been extinguished with the passing of Tok Guru Nik Aziz who was much respected by Malaysians of all ethnicity and religion. May Allah SWT shower His blessings on the departed soul. Probably the Almighty has His own plan for the rakyat even without the two towering Malaysians. Like all great historical plays,politicians interpret it. Prime Minister Najiub should not learn the wrong lessons. he should resist the temptation to turn populist. Instead, it is a rejection of Mahathir’s divisive politics.It is entirely within the logic of turbulent democracies that a dream run should be interrupted by a wake-up call. It might be pertinent to note, in this context, that dreams are best shaped into reality with the help of daylight. Among the dangers of darkness is that it obscures the bumps on that twisting road the face of these injustices It’s mind-boggling that one man has struck so much fear into a Government that he has to be incarcerated for its survival. And it’s so unIslamic that a father has to be torn away from his family because some wish to continue their stranglehold on a nation and its people. DS Anwar has been jailed, in the opinion of all reasonable men, to ensure the demise of Pakatan Rakyat and the continued survival of the ruling coalition. But that move by the UMNO Baru dominated government may be the most ill-conceived plan

Pelukan terakhir Anwar
No one quite understands the tsunami unleashed  The thousands that supported the 52% majority votes were Malays  condemned, for no fault of their own, to survive in extreme poverty. Taking the right decision needs, in our system, nerves of steel along with forensic skills. The ruling coalition has been plagued by a series of high-profile corruption cases and widespread criticism for poor handling of race relations, including requiring non-Muslims to abide by strict statutes of Muslim law. The opposition coalition controls five of Malaysia’s 14 states and territories and has established a record of building surplus budgets, attracting foreign investment, improving social services and promoting equal citizenship rights for all ethnic groups. But it has also been hampered by internal conflicts over application of Islamic law."You could have carved your names. But you chose to remain on the dark side," he adds, prompting Justice Arifin to tell him to stop.When Anwar refused, the judges left.However, the opposition leader continues speaking in a loud tone, vowing that he will continue to fight for justice and freedom. "My soul will not surrender."
 Human Rights Watch condemns the court ruling, calling it a travesty of justice.
 judges chose to leave the bench when Anwar raised the issue of political conspiracy, and criticised them for "bowing to their political masters"."Najib’s government has persisted in its politically motivated prosecution of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim at the expense of democratic freedoms and the rights to non-discrimination and privacy for all Malaysians.“Allowing this travesty of justice to stand will further undermine respect for rights and democracy in Malaysia,” says its deputy Asia director Phil Judges are meant to serve the people, criticising judges is not a crime readmore Justice Arifin assassinated Anwar at 12 pm Malaysian time bowing to this political masters

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