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You can teach an old dog like MCA and PAS president new tricks

PAS Dominionism Search of Stupidity in Malaysia

About political brands Iskandar Samad’s in the imagination of the electorate proposed amendments to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, also known as Act 355. a question that repeatedly withers on the dry sand of evasive clichés. How long will of two laws for the same crime continue?

 PAS Dominionism is not a myth a manipulative phrase designed specifically to provide cover for perpetrator PAS president.Umno would not concede defeat and would continue to stay in power Whatever we may think of their ideology, PAS are veterans of guerrilla warfare and have built up a machine that has withstood the test of time
  Muslims have handed over their vote as proxy  in the hope of security and some degree of welfare. The first beneficiary was PAS. That illusion evaporated in stages to be replaced,
The story raise real concerns about the Malaysian views on Iskandar Samad and PAS prospective  a political party with so called undiluted Muslim credentials is making a credible bid for UMNO support
 “Beware False Prophets who create  Fear ”, “The stories raise real concerns about the Malaysian views
"What In Heaven's Name Is A Dominionist? one of several religious right figures to recently pretend there was nothing to the notion. Funny he should ask. refuses to be embarrassed by his focus, or faith, or his route map in the competitive jungle of democratic aspiration.Walter Nicolai, the now forgotten head of Germany’s intelligence services during World War I, told his country that if it wanted to succeed it would have to adopt a new theory: ‘war in peace’. A hundred years later, this seems a relevant basis for an effective counteroffensive. But before we can solve the problem we must learn to recognise it. Fudge will not serve.
"What do all of us do? We get ready to take dominion! We get ready to take dominion! It is all going to be ours - I'm talking about all of it. Everything that you would say is a good part of the secular world. Every means of communication, the news, the television, the radio, the cinema, the arts, the government, the finance - it's going to be ours! God's going to give it to His people  We should prepare to reign and rule with  PAS."said Iskandar Samad.

Malay rights pressure group Perkasa will field candidates in the parliamentary constituencies of Bentong and Teluk Intan which are held by MCA president Liow Tiong Lai and Gerakan president Mah Siew Keong respectively.Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali said the move was in response to the two BN chieftains' opposition to proposed amendments to the Syariah Courts (Criminal Jurisdiction) Act 1965, also known as Act 355.
MCA president Liow Tiong Lai is concerned about thickhead associate UMNO and PAS the barbarians of the Muslim faith.Malaysia will head towards extremism if Chinese voters do not swing back to BN in the coming general election.Liow fears Umno and PAS may cooperate and the country would end up practising racial politics In an exclusive interview with Sin Chew Daily, Liow said he was more concerned about what would happen when such a swing does not happen, rather than how his party would perform in the coming general election.MCA only won seven out of 37 parliamentary seats and 11 out of 90 state seats it contested in the 2013 general election.Liow fears Umno and MCA president Liow Tiong Lai is concerned the country will head towards extremism if Chinese voters do not swing back to BN in the coming general election.Thus, he said, MCA needs a stronger political power as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Umno under the current circumstances."We have very little power to bargain with Umno and it is tough," he said.Being a practical community, Liow said, the Malaysian Chinese should understand the country's political ecosystem and situation.He claimed that Umno would not concede defeat and would continue to stay in power even if BN was ousted in the 14th general election."Who is the biggest opposition party if BN is toppled? Umno. Will Umno give up its ruling power easily? No. It will work with any Pakatan Harapan party to form the government.there is Iskandar Samad’s bold suggestion that Amanah and DAP merge."Harapan is not a political coalition, but only a marriage of convenience," he added. Liow said the fact that opposition parties contest under their own banners showed that they would be willing to form a government with any party."Once the economic fundamental breaks down, the country's economy will collapse and repression will hit us. It will be hard to recover," he said.may cooperate and the country would end up practising racial politics.Thus, he said, MCA needs a stronger political power as a bargaining chip to negotiate with Umno under the current circumstances.
The rationale for contemporary Islamist violence was first provided by two doctrinaires, Shah Waliullah in Mughal Delhi and Muhammad ibn Abd-al Wahhab in Ottoman Arabia. They were born in the same year, 1703, and watched a historic comfort zone crumble. Their prescription (restricted for Sunni Muslims) was simple and stern: Allah had not abandoned Muslims; Muslims had forsaken Allah.
Muslims had slipped into decadence, compromising purity of practice in prayer and trust in the sharia; their behaviour and dress had been corrupted by other cultures, whether it was Hinduism in India or the growing influence of Europe among Ottoman elites.
Their rulers no longer believed in the supremacy of Islam, chosen by God as the final testament for this world. The umma no longer displayed the courage to grow a religious beard, proclaim the faith, or pick up the sword — or a gun in Paris, a bomb in Peshawar — in defence of Islam.
Ironically, this revisionism went against innumerable tenets of the Quran, which advocate acceptance of other faiths, particularly “people of the Book”, and explain why Christian communities like the Yazidis continued to live in Muslim Iraq for 1,400 years until the supremacists of ISIS began their rape, pillage and murder of the “infidel”.
But as a sense of loss, and fear of the future, intensified, the ideas of exclusivity, separation and dream of dominance began to gather momentum in the 20th century.The warriors of this Islamic jihad are the masked vanguard of a movement that found its spurs in the 19th century, when the last two Muslim empires, the Mughal and the Ottoman, began to wither and then die. Behind the masks is a supply chain that, like all religious extremism, is magnetised by inspiration beyond the control of boundaries.A decisive battle between modernity and regression is fought in Malaysia before 1945.PAS used, often and provocatively, the rhetoric of superiority in its pursuit of Islam.offered the counter-narrative, that true strength lay in faith equality, not faith supremacy. For him, dharma represented the underlying truth common to every religion. The singular duty of the state was to enshrine freedom of faith as a basic right; the citizen was enjoined to treat every faith with equal respect.
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You can teach an old dog new tricks
the masterful manipulator of redefined democracy.   PAS President a role model oligarchy,in democratic MALaysia.

 Presidents come, presidents go. As do prime ministers in parliamentary systems. But can liberal democracy, once it has established firm roots, go on inexorably as the winning solution for organising society in an orderly, if hardly perfect, structure at “the end of history”?With the end of the Cold War and the subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union, Francis Fukuyama’s bold assertion was that the history of argument over the validity of liberal democracy had ended. It was the end of history in that sense. The only workable system of structuring society was a framework of democracy guided by the light of liberalism.

the intelligence and the education needed to appreciate the dynamics of the modern world or he has cynical contempt for the intelligence and education of his voters.
In either case, the inaugural address of America’s 45th president trumpeted an obtuse self-interest, whose only moral compass is the conviction that might is right, a self-interest so near-sighted as to be self-defeating, one that panders to ill-informed prejudice at home and promises to cede more elbow room to rising powers hitherto hemmed in by overarching

Politicians who come to power feeding and feeding off a majority’s imagined sense of victimhood have to genuflect, once in a while, to the bogey they rode but would, if they have sense, concentrate their energies, having assumed power, on building up an alternative

Hitler chose to persist with the Jews, pursuing their extermination to the Holocaust and associated politics by other means across the globe. Trump told Americans they were the victims of elite selfishness and grandiose altruism that saw America sacrifice its own security and prosperity for the benefit of others.

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