Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Azmin Ali Mahathir is not waking up to reality

 Mahathir is not waking up to reality , Azmin Ali :If Mahathir want to kiss the feet of PAS leaders that is his businessWan Ismail is Pakatan Harapan's opposition leader who will lead the coalition in the coming general election, said PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.
A plea for ‘alternative facts’: When truth is singular it becomes a territory and thus, a battlefield PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's stance not to cooperate with any parties that have relations with DAP and Parti Amanah Negara has by default voided cooperation with PKR,in principle, the cooperation between PAS and PKR is void based on the position taken by the PAS president,‘tail strategy’ has fallen into a tailspin. As ideas go, this had its merits for a party desperate to earn any dividend from  divided opposition parties. Bersatu recognised that UMNO was a spent force, and its only hope lay in becoming an attachment to any party ready to accept it as an appendage. Votaries of this theory must have congratulated themselves with the prospect that if UMNO could lengthen with vindictive, manupulitive, and vengeful Umno the tail with disparate alliances, one bright morning the tail would become long enough to wag the dog Individual dynamics require special circumstances, not to mention the heavy propulsion of hidden political boosters. Mahathir succeeded because he had terribly long arms; he held the PAS by one hand, and the Anwar by the other, while he reinvented himself as an honest politician, sympathetic to Malay concerns. It required too much heavy engineering and the end product was so unstable that it kept Malay politics off-balance for a decade.
History does not repeat itself, but does it imitate itself? The answer will take a while.Umno is unfazed about defectors from their party joining the newly formed Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu),  the biggest advocates of this game

  Arithmetic or chemistry? Political calculations Mahathir had not got the right read on the state PAS of today. the infighting would really undermine the party candidates, with opposing camps proving much more injurious to PAS  than :Pakatan Harapan

Another political calculations of illogic from Hadi to justify his rejection of the opposition front and the embracement of Najib Razak/Umno, is another strong indication that he has allegedly received something ‘unholy’ from Najib (as widely perceived by the public) to make him obligated to the latter.sometimes patronizingly hypocritical? It’s time to dump Hadi if PAS still wants to save the party from impending ruin.


Of cronyism and acronyism:Federal Territories Youth chief Khairil Nizam Khairudin today lambasted those unearthing claims that PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin owns a Porsche Cayman car, in light of the RM90 million controversy.However, it speaks volumes of the moral and ethical health of  PAS that the charting a muddled path for his party

also read thisPas Leadership failure:Powerbrokers Mohd Nor Hamzah said Hadi has his right to live a lavish life
If you want a glimpse of this emerging saga do no more read http://themalaybusinesstribune.blogspot.my/ the inside articles  with care. No newspaper can offer a comprehensive account. 
The memory last general elections  DAP and PKR in past elections had forced Umno and BN's defeat in 89 parliamentary seats, and wrested the popular vote. party president Abdul Hadi's Awang new imperatives of strength with UMNO but will it work DAP is predominantly made up of non-Muslim members while Bersatu is the converse says Hadi
PKR, which has a balance of Muslim and non-Muslim members, is maintaining talks with PAS in hopes to forge a political pact between Pakatan Harapan, Bersatu and PAS.is history says Mahathir.He said political co-operation with DAP and PKR in past elections had forced Umno and BN's defeat in 89 parliamentary seats, and wrested the popular vote.also read this Hadi: PAS' duty to ensure Muslims in power No election is an echo of the past

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