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Zaid joins DAP to Rape Politics Selva Kumar back to rape as usual whats new!

Serial rapist Selva Kumar Subbiah shown via video at a detention review hearing in Toronto.

franchise rape from Canada now in Malaysia Selva Kuma will get to rape anybody he feel like,

Wave after wave of rape seems to be getting unleashed on the women at a pace that is getting difficult to keep up with.  had happened. Bizarrely, as this piece was being written, there are reports  acts as a franchise operation- random disaffected individuals or groups act as voluntary ambassadors of hate, carrying out self-assigned acts of violence in the name of an ideology or organization.
The man, who may have attacked up to 1,000 women, will be sent back to Malaysia now that his 24-year prison sentence is complete.

A Toronto serial rapist who is suspected of assaulting up to 1,000 women and girls will be deported to Malaysia now that his 24-year prison sentence is complete.
Selva Kumar Subbiah, 56, was ordered held in custody Monday until the weekend, when he will be accompanied back to his home country by three guards from the Canada Border Services Agency.
“You are the worst offender and the highest risk that has ever come before me in my career,” said Andrew Laut, who chaired the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada hearing.
Subbiah was convicted at two separate trials of drugging and sexually assaulting 30 women, but Monday’s hearing was told that he’s believed to have victimized hundreds more.
“As many as 500 to 1,000 could have been attacked,” said Naima Karimullah, a lawyer for the Canada Border Services Agency.
One of Subbiah’s victims told Torstar News Service that she’s still struggling to cope with the attack on her in the mid-1980s.
“It’s painful,” the woman said. “It’s not easy to go through. But it’s important to talk, to move forward…to know that you’re not the only one.”
Subbiah, a short, soft-spoken man with a slight British accent, said he’s prepared to return to Malaysia, where he has not lived since 1980.

“I’m ready to leave, sir,” he told Laut at Monday’s hearing.
Malaysian officials have already approved a flight permit for him, the hearing was told.
There was no mention of whether he would walk free in Malaysia or be turned over to law enforcement officials ther

One victim who spoke to the Star said it’s important for the public to see Subbiah’s face now.
“I believe the Malaysia public should be fully aware,” she said. “Every border should have his picture.”
Another said she hopes she can finally relax when Subbiah has finally been deported.
“It’s still sort of a presence,” she said. “Maybe the day after he’s finally gone, I’ll maybe celebrate with a glass of wine.”
Subbiah arrived in Canada in 1980 but never obtained permanent resident status. He was granted student and visitor’s visas, and claimed to have studied divinity at McMaster University and Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, but did not graduate from any post-secondary course.
He married two women, one of whom fled the country to escape abuse, the hearing heard.
In 1992, he was convicted at the first of two trials that would ultimately see him sentenced to 24 years in prison for 19 counts of sexual assault, 28 counts of administering a drug or noxious substance, 10 counts of various kinds of assault and a dozen other charges, including extortion.
At the time of his sentencing, Justice David Humphrey ordered police to accompany Subbiah back to his native Malaysia and give police there his extensive criminal file when his prison term was complete.
His criminal file sat before him on Monday and appeared to be more than a foot high.
When he was denied parole in 2016, Subbiah was told “you continue to struggle in the areas of victim empathy, remorse and your inability to take full responsibility for your personal choices which results in your lack of mitigation in risk.”
He made no comment at that hearing.
Subbiah committed several of his crimes while posing as a model agent or movie talent scout, often using the names Richard Wild and Ryan Hunter. Occasionally, he also posed as a professional dancer, a lawyer or a diplomat. He also lured women to the basement of his home on Macdonnell Ave. through ads offering to sell exotic pets.
He would offer them a drink laced with drugs, then rape them and take photos of their naked bodies while they were unconscious.
One victim who spoke with The Star said he was polished when he attacked her, some 33 years ago.
“I remember him being smooth, well-practiced,” she said. “He was practiced already, in ’84 or ’85.”
His trial heard that he was carrying a black book containing the names of 170 women, rated on a scale of 0 to 10, when police arrested him on
The real change has been the conversion of covert fantasy into a sense of overt acquisition, which has been aided by a new sense of power and its legitimacy. The implicit restraints that had been put in place socially have been dismantled, and power in its new form begs to be converted into opportunity. The primacy of desire means that the eye is always hungry, avid in its quest for acquisition, and any action is seen to lack consequences that cannot be reversed or managed through the use of some form of power. The brute force of power has replaced the unwritten rules that governed behaviour as the primary arbiter of our actions. Currently, we live in a world between rules — those of an earlier era do not apply and new codes have not been framed or agreed to. The responsibility shifts to the enforcement of the law, but this is deeply compromised by the fact that the process is managed by those that cannot fully comprehend the meaning of the changes that we see around us.
The change in the gender climate that can be seen around us needs to be understood differently for something fundamental has changed. Women have always been subject to violence in a variety of ways, but both the frequency and the nature of this violence seem to be escalating. One of the key aspects of the horrific Mumbai gang rape is that it happened in the middle of the day, in the heart of town, in the bustling city of Mumbai, even if the location itself was secluded. The underlying assumption is that daylight, busy streets and male company are somehow guarantors of safety. The truth is that the real problem is that increasingly, what were once signs of safety, are now the sources of danger. The idea of the ‘public’ being a provider of safety is rooted in the comforting feeling that any crime and misdemeanour will raise an outcry if it happens in public. In so many incidents of this kind, we find the opposite to be true. Whether it was the Assam pub case, where a young girl was molested, or the experiences of the American student that have recently gone viral, the problem that women in Malaysia face stems from the very public that is deemed to provide safety.
 This is true of all behaviour but particularly true in the case of gender. Unless bad behaviour carries with it a social cost, other forms of deterrence will always struggle to make an impact. We have had enough of recrimination — what we need is a constructive conversation about creating social mechanisms that reinforce the newer meanings of gender today, in a way that is inclusive.This is true of all behaviour but particularly true in the case of gender. Unless bad behaviour carries with it a social cost, other forms of deterrence will always struggle to make an impact. We have had enough of recrimination — what we need is a constructive conversation about creating social mechanisms that reinforce the newer meanings of gender today, in a way that is inclusive.

You were in Umno,you left to join PKR,next you left & formed KITA,now you are in DAP.
This guy is not consistent & steadfast in his loyalty to the opposition cause. In the recent past, he stupidly called on the people & the Chinese to give their wholehearted support to Najib & BN!! Now he wants to suppprt MM as opposition leader?? Next, is he going to ask the people to support Hadi Awang & PAS?? the good people wants to believe you are sincere to fight for a better country for all Malaysians.but Shut up Zaid. Loose cannon don't know how to toe the party line. Even just joining a party must make a big fanfare of it. Why cannot do things quietly without big publicity? If not for you being a Malay, I doubt DAP would even bother with you. Just window-dressing.don't behave like a Prima Dona, submerge your pride, be humble, talk less and work more don't say say  the Opposition is leaderless. there should be room for DAP members to express their views. This is part of democracy. I don't think it is right to stop Zaid Ibrahim from expressing his views.Barely 72 hours after joing DAP, Zaid Ibrahim appears to have ruffled feathers in the party with his remarks.

In a media statement today, DAP lawmaker Gobind Singh Deo denied the former law minister's statement on Dr Mahathir Mohamad being the de facto leader of the opposition.Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail is Pakatan Harapan's opposition leader who will lead the coalition in the coming general election, said PKR deputy president Azmin Ali.

"We have an opposition leader, Wan Azizah, and we are preparing for the upcoming national polls,

The  unknown factor in DAP is the emergence of  as a brand in his own right. In the last few weeks, he has shown deft political footwork and has emerged as a new kind of option in the political landscape. The alliance with the DAP gives him just that little edge that might turn out to be decisive, but it isn’t entirely clear as to how deep his support runs. He is a new variation on an old theme, the strength of whose appeal is an open question.
 a larger uncertainty that both the government and the party are exuding currently. The party seems tentative about the exact proportions in which to juggle its electoral ingredients- how much to back development, what role should race and religion fault lines play, how effective would the plank of nationalism be in GE14 elections, and of course whether to try and ride on 1MDB or to hold back given the uncertainty around its impact on the voter. The government too seems to be in wait-and-watch mode, not giving any clear indication about what its future direction might be. Will it continue it’s wooing of the poor- ‘the tired pro-poor PAS rhetoric’, as it has been described, at the cost of its traditional support base, or will the reform thrust return in any significant way?

Some things however are a little more certain. Whether or not party hopping will work electorally, what he has achieved however is something potentially not significant in the long run for Hadi Awang It has NOT made him a truly mainstream brand.OnlyMuslim voter in Malaysia now knows him and has some personal emotional reaction to him. Money reaches everyone; as a vehicle of a political message it is a more effective advertising medium than any other. It is possible that some or indeed many of these reactions are negative, but he has become the only politician in recent times, after Indira Gandhi to have managed this depth of reach.
 It is crystal clear to me that PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang is morbid about non-Malays and non-Muslims winning seats in GE14 and is bent on working with Umno to deny the opposition from getting any further footings from the last election. PAS looks doomed for certain, and that is hardly a surprise, but the real revelation has been that Umno is likely to gain much as a result.

So, what possibilities and avenues are there left for DAP, PKR and Bersatu to work with PAS to deny BN's victory when the Islamic party has brazenly declared that they are all-out to ensure a Muslim victory and that includes working with Umno?

Amanah leader Husam Musa's recent claim that Hadi's PAS is all for three-cornered fights in order to deny DAP or opposition winning seats is very real indeed, even though they have not an iota of chance to win these seats.
 Please explain, Hadi, why did PAS only win 21 seats out of the 73 parliamentary seats that it contested?The lion's share of the parliamentary seats was given to your party and you failed to even win half of the seats you contested against Umno-BN. Is that the fault of the non-Muslims?

In fact, PAS would have done worse without the support of Chinese and Indian voters. Truth be told, even among Muslim voters they do not trust PAS and its brand of politics.

Otherwise, why did the rural and semi-urban Muslim voters reject PAS overwhelmingly in favour of Umno?

What Hadi is saying is that DAP and PKR must sacrifice their mixed urban seats to PAS because PAS cannot win with Muslim votes alone. Why should the other parties make this sacrifice?
 PAS has only 25 seats because it had lost many seats which it had contested. The 89 seats in the opposition camp are the actual seats won, and not the number of seats PAS contested.

In the seats negotiation for the last general election, PAS had demanded for seats but failed to deliver. Now Hadi is using the discrepancy in the seats to justify his claim. If only PAS can translate contested seats into actual seats in Parliament.Do not blame others for PAS’ failure to win more seats. Hadi’s argument shows his stupidity as well that of those who agree or follow him.It’s hard to believe he is so revered among his kind, but then fanatics and zealots have shown to be dim-witted throughout history.PAS agenda is simple. Win power to impose Islamic rule. Their mission is clear and their priority is to make sure their interpretation of Islamic rules is applied to all aspects of economy and society.

If only they can replace parliamentary democracy with their version of one-party state. PAS doesn't believe in diversity and political inclusion. It's their way or no other way. If they lose, it’s fine; they will capitalise on the downfall of BN.It's now up to voters. Given the increasing number of Muslim voters in the years to come, PAS can afford to wait. They could possibly hope for the collapse of secular politics.It’s an irony the more they court PAS, the more mileage these bigots will end up with. That's a double-edged sword for all.If you want 40 seats, you must also win the support of non-Muslims. Forget about DAP whom you have been fighting with. What is your pledge for the non-Muslim voters?

You want to enhance syariah punishment or ensure accountability, transparency, integrity, and efficiency? What about the 1MDB, RM2.6 billion and MO1 (Malaysian Official 1) issues?

Mushiro: What is the use of ensuring Muslim clout in Malaysian politics if most of these Muslim leaders that PAS endorses are very corrupted, kleptomaniacs, murderers, thieves and cheats?
 when will Hadi and politicians who think like him realise that good governance is not based on religion and race?This country ought to be governed by people who do not think about their racial origin or religious beliefs in all decision makings. Only then, the question of imbalance in representation would not arise.

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